Ready to try a new approach to calming allergy symptoms, like a stuffy nose or sinus pressure? Well, essential oils for allergies may be just the thing if you’re in need of allergy relief. “The great thing about essential oils is that all of them are antiviral and antimicrobial, so they naturally boost immunity,” says Jessica Smith, lead practitioner at our Carlsbad store. “Because people with allergies often have low immunity, they can be a great way to support your immune health.”

The simplest way to use nature’s power to combat your allergies is just to keep a bottle of Lavender or Tea Tree on hand, she says. “They’re the only two essential oils you can put on the skin directly, without a carrier oil,” says Jessica. “If you come in contact with an allergen, just rub a drop into your palms or anywhere else that was exposed to sanitize the skin.”

Here are a few easy ways to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies and help keep you going, during allergy season.


Infused Neti Salt

Neti Pot

2-Cups Warm Water

8 tbsp Neti Pot Salt

5 drops Essential Oil of Rosemary

3 drops Essential Oil of Tea Tree

Mix elements (neti pot salt, rosemary and tea tea tree oil) together in a glass jar, with 2-cups of warm water, transfer to a neti pot and use 1-2 times per day throughout allergy season. “These two essential oils can also be used without salt—just add to two cups of warm water and use as a nasal rinse,” says Jessica.


Topical Blend

2-3 drops Essential Oil of Peppermint

2-3 drops Essential Oil of Eucalyptus

2-3 drops Essential Oil of Lavender French

1 tsp Coconut Oil

Mix elements (coconut oil, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils) together well in a glass jar and prepare to have the mixture applied topically by massaging it into the temples, behind the ears, into the bottoms of the feet or take the mixture and apply it to your chest. 

The peppermint oil acts as a kind of natural antihistamine, helps unclog sinuses and acts as an expectorant; eucalyptus helps open up the lungs and bronchioles to improve respiration; and lavender essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the overreaction of the immune system, says Jessica.


Household Spray

Spray Bottle

40 drops Essential Oil of Lemon

20 drops Essential Oil of Tea Tree

16 oz of Distilled Water

A dash of White Vinegar

Add elements (white vinegar, tea tree and lemon essential oils) together, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mist on surfaces that harbor allergens to help cleanse the air with a nice scent thanks to the lemon oils. It comes with the added benefit of infusing the air with the therapeutic power of immune-boosting essential oils.

Get even more great suggestions on the way essential oils work to relieve allergies, how to prevent allergic reactions and learn about any potential side effects by reaching out to an expert at your local Pharmaca. Also, for more on allergies, including some ideas on supplements and other methods to help you feel better, try our guide for combating fall allergies.