Ask the MD: Healthy weight management

We’ve gathered some common questions about weight management and posed them to the chair of our Integrative Health Advisory Board (IHAB), Dr. Brad Jacobs, MD. Here is his sage advice about maintaining a healthy weight.

What integrative therapies can I use to manage my weight?

First off, keep in mind that there are no quick fixes. But if you are willing to be persistent, then you can lose all the weight you desire. Exercise, diet, stress and sleep all play a critical role in weight management.

A good first step is to increase the amount of exercise you get. Modify your diet with smaller, more frequent meals, and make sure you’re managing your stress and mood. Stress can indirectly affect your weight, so try yoga, breathing practices, guided imagery, or supplements, if necessary, to manage stress. It’s also important to improve your sleep, so explore different natural therapies if necessary. As far as supplements go, I recommend people increase their fiber intake to increase feelings of fullness and improve digestion.

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