Back to School Necessities

Get your little one prepared to head to school with the right nutrition, brain-boosting supplements and eco-friendly gear.

8am: Breakfast
For complete nutrition, send them off with a spoonful of ChildLife Essentials’ delicious orange-flavored multivitamin. While you’re at it, jump-start your kids’ immunity with a drop of WishGarden Herbs Kick-It Immune Kids in their morning OJ.

9am: Off to school
Fill their backpacks with eco-friendly notebooks and pencils from a variety of brands, along with CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Wipes (triclosan-free!) to keep germs away.

10am: Recess
Make sure they’ve been slathered ahead of time with some all-natural sun protection, like the Environmental Working Group’s top-rated Goddess Garden Kid’s Natural Sunscreen. And rest easy when they hydrate with water from a fun, safe and reusable water bottle from Klean Kanteen, Pharmaca or LifeFactory.

Noon: Cafeteria
Fill one of the retro-inspired lunchboxes from SoYoung with whole foods like apples, carrots and yogurt. “Keep away from processed foods and high-fructose corn syrup,” says Whitney Elkins-Hutten, nutritionist at our North Boulder store. “If you give them healthy options, they’ll take the ones that are most interesting,” she says. She notes that adding stickers to a sandwich bag, or even cutting the sandwich it into fun shapes, can be enough to encourage them to eat well. And in the end, don’t worry if they want to eat the same thing every day. “Kids like routine,” says Whitney. “Just keep trying to introduce new foods slowly.”

2pm: Snacktime
When little ones need brainfood, make sure they’ve got a package of Pharmaca’s healthy snacks. They’ll get a great afternoon pick-me-up with the delicious snack options like Garden of Life Probiotic Chewables.

And don’t forget the omega-3s! The tangerine flavored Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Gummies are an easy and tasty way to get the DHA and EPA that growing brains need.

4pm: Playtime
Set up your little Picasso with fun and durable art supplies from eeBoo that encourage imaginative play and learning.

6pm: Shower/bathtime
Lather up with Clean Kids bath products that are made with safe, all-natural ingredients. They’ll enjoy bath time even more when you turn on Putumayo’s Rock & Roll Playground CD, featuring Dan Zanes and friends doing a kid-friendly version of early rock and roll.

8pm: Bedtime!
After a full day of activities, they’ll need to get the best sleep possible to prepare for the next school day. If they have trouble falling asleep, turn to Hyland’s 4 Kids Calm ‘n Restful, a well-loved sleep remedy that quells restlessness without making them groggy. You can even switch on the Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser to instantly transform any room into a calm, pleasantly fragranced environment.

Good night!

To get expert advice about your child’s growing needs—or just to pick up some fun gear for school—stop into your local Pharmaca, or shop online, today.

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