Back to School Essentials

Heading back to school can mean big changes for little ones. From new classrooms to more homework, this transition makes it all the more important to stay healthy and focused. Fortunately, Pharmaca’s shelves are filled with supplements and educational tools designed to help put your child at the head of the class.

Boost their immunity
Herb Pharm Children’s Echinacea glycerite
This totally organic liquid echinacea is infused with sweet orange essential oil, meaning it tastes great (even for picky kids) while delivering immune support in an easily absorbable liquid form. Parents love that Herb Pharm’s tinctures are made from only the best ingredients: fresh, hand-harvested echinacea, pharmaceutical-grade glycerine and distilled water.
Stop germs in their tracks
Gabriel Kids Germ Busting Soap
Suds up little hands with this all-natural soap that gently washes away potentially harmful bacteria. Ingredients including aloe vera and fennel extract soothe delicate skin while also cleaning away remnants of the day’s play.
Ease cold and flu symptoms
Hyland’s Sniffles ’N Sneezes 4 Kids
When your child gets sick, turn to Hyland’s homeopathic remedies—a safe and effective alternative to conventional OTC children’s cold and flu medicines. Sniffles ’N Sneezes is specially designed for children ages 2-12, and relieves sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and headaches through a quick-dissolving tablet. It also contains zinc, which is clinically proven to cut a cold’s length in half.
Provide nutritional support
Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Multi-vitamin
If your kids love fruit snacks, they’ll love these chewy, delicious multis. Yummi Bears are filled with important vitamins and minerals to help balance nutrition—leaving out artificial flavors and colors or common allergens like gluten, nuts and dairy.
Better their brains
Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA
More and more clinical tests are showing the importance of DHA for proper brain function—especially during early cognitive development. Infused with strawberry essence, Nordic Naturals’ Children’s DHA provides valuable nutrients in a tasty, chewable supplement that kids will love. They won’t even know they’re taking cod liver oil!
Feed their needs
Mimi the Sardine Pink Flora Lunchbug
Lunchbugs are fun and practical: your kids will love carrying them, and you’ll love how easy to clean they are (just wipe, or machine-wash and tumble dry on low). Equipped with a sturdy zipper and soft handles, children and adults alike fall in love with the Lunchbugs’ fun and colorful patterns, now available in eco-friendly organic cotton.
Keep them learning
Melissa and Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle
This large wooden map is a must for young geography students. Kids can spend hours fitting together this colorful, informative puzzle, learning about the landscape and unique features of each of the country’s regions.
Protect their skin
Alba Kids Sunscreen SPF 30
Eliminate playground and soccer-field sunburns with this water-resistant sunscreen. Alba’s fast-absorbing lotion combines certified organic ingredients including aloe vera and green tea to protect and soothe delicate young skin.
Teach them responsibility
Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart
Reward kids for good behavior—like completing chores and saying please and thank you—with a smiley face each night. Children love earning their smiles, and the durable magnetic board can be personalized and used over and over again.

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