Beautiful Brows: Pointers from the Pros

Thick, bushy, pencil-thin. Arched or straight. The fashion-questionable “unibrow” (thanks, Anthony Davis and Frida Kahlo). Eyebrows can make a fashion statement. This season, beauty editors tell us that flat, bold brows are in. But unless your plans include a walk down the runway, makeup professionals recommend choosing a natural brow shape that complements your features. To help you find your best brow, we got tips from Coco Paladino, in Pacific Palisades, and Victoria Haket, in Menlo Park, both estheticians and brow experts.

Tip #1: Balanced, but not equal. Brows, like the rest of your facial features are not mirror images of each other. “Your brows are not twins, they’re sisters.” explains Coco. Each of your brows is shaped somewhat differently, and the key to making them look their best is to carefully look at each brow separately—not try to shape them into identical matches.

Tip #2: Find your arch. One of the biggest mistakes customers make is not knowing where the natural arch is on the brow, and tweezing hairs in the wrong place, says Victoria. “It usually is about two-thirds from the inner edge of the brow.” If you create a brow in the wrong place you won’t be accenting your eyes to their best advantage.

Tip #3: Don’t stray. “Brow hairs grow in rows,” explains Coco. Customers sometimes come in with obvious missing hairs, or holes in the brow line. In an attempt to shape them, they trim or tweeze their brows outside of the natural line. Follow the line, and only tweeze the few hairs that might have grown outside the bottom row.

Tip #4: Fuller is better. Even aside from the current trend of thicker brows, experts agree that a fuller brow is the most flattering. A well-groomed, full brow will open up your eyes, and make you look younger and less tired. To support new hair growth, try MyChelle’s Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum, featuring peptides and apple fruit stem cells that nourish the hair follicle and stimulate hair cells.

Tip #5: Color within the lines. Choosing the right color and product to fill in and accent the brows is important. ZuZu Luxe Cream Brow Pencil comes in 4 shades to perfectly match any brow color, blonde, red, brown or black. To set the color and keep brows in place try brushing on ZuZu Luxe Clear Mascara. Customers also love jane iredale’s Bitty Brow Kit, which comes with three brushes, clear botanical brow wax and a naturally pigmented (brown or brunette) brow powder. Applying color with short strokes is the key, not drawing a line through the brow to create a new shape.

Experts recommend a professional shaping if you’ve never had one, or if it’s been awhile. The pros can show you what shape is right for your face, where your natural arch lies and how to fill in gaps with product.

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