Beauty Tips from Our Pros

Our estheticians are experts in their field, making Pharmaca the perfect place to find the right skin care products or cosmetics for you. Here are a few of the tips they most commonly offer our customers.

Pro tip: SPF every day

I always tell customers to make sure there is SPF in their moisturizers. It’s often overlooked, but SPF should be used daily.

I also recommend using an oil-based moisturizer over any serum—it helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss because the oil helps the skin retain moisture. For those with oily skin, choose a lighter moisturizer so you’re not pilling on too much oil onto your skin’s naturally produced sebum.

Whitney L., Esthetician, Carlsbad

Pro tip: Foundation before concealer

A lot of clients believe that they need to apply concealer before foundation, and that’s not true. I recommend you first use a primer, then a color-correcting pallet (if necessary), then apply your foundation. You would then follow up with your concealer to cover blemishes, dark spots, receded areas, etc.

An additional tip is to use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation color to highlight they areas of your face to bring light and dimension. And don’t forget to set it with a finishing powder and hydration spray!

-Lexi Q., Makeup Artist, Pacific Palisades

Pro tip: Don't skip exfoliation

One of the most common mistakes people make in their skin care regimen is to neglect the exfoliation step. The exfoliation process is vital to keeping skin hydrated, smooth and glowing. A gentle enzyme mask or scrub used a couple times a week can vastly improve the texture and appearance of skin including fine lines and wrinkles. By exfoliating regularly, you’ll also increase the absorption of your serums and moisturizer, thus making everything work better!

Deena K., Esthetician, Greenwood Village

Pro tip: Find the right hydration for you

I tell people that it’s not necessary to cleanse in the morning and evening. Using a good toner in the morning is a great way to set up your skin care routine for success. Unless you’ve used an overnight mask, you don’t need to strip your skin any further.

I’m also always telling people that there are two different types of hydration: oil and water. People with dehydrated skin need water-based hydration like hyaluronic acid, and those with dry skin need oil-based hydration, like squalane or rosehip oil. The easiest way to tell the difference is that dehydrated skin will have a crepey texture. Dry skin won’t do that, but will be flakey. Then I help them find just the right hydration for their skin type!

Alicia V., Esthetician, Beaverton

Pro tip: Choose the right cleanser

The biggest mistake I see people making is not reapplying sunscreen every 2-3 hours. I love Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30—it comes in a tube that’s easy to apply throughout the day, and won’t make your skin white.

I also often see women buying the wrong cleanser. All women are addicted to this squeaky clean feeling, but if a cleanser is too harsh, it’s stripping skin of those protective oils. I love MyChelle Gentle Cleansing Wash or ACURE Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream. They’re very gentle.

And of course, hydration, hydration, hydration. If you stay hydrated from the inside, it’s going to show on the skin.

Tanya V., Esthetician, Carlsbad