BioSil: Boosting the Body’s Own Collagen Production

The buzz around collagen is big these days—experts say it can promote thicker hair, stronger nails, firmer skin and healthy bones and joints. In fact, collagen is the “glue” that holds our body together, as it makes up 75 percent of our skin, 30 percent of our bones and 90 percent of our tendons and ligaments.

But starting as young as age 21—and significantly more so after menopause—we begin producing less and less collagen, and the signs of aging start to show in our skin, hair and nails. The pliability of our bones also lessens. But scientists have now found a way to help our bodies actually generate more of this important protein and diminish the signs of aging.

How collagen is formed

Collagen is a fibrous protein that comes from fibroblasts, cells found in our connective tissue.  Researchers have discovered a way to trigger fibroblasts to produce more collagen with a natural compound called ch-OSA, or choline-stabilized OrthoSilicic acid. Broken down, OrthoSilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silicon, a natural mineral, and choline, a B vitamin-like nutrient that helps transport OrthoSilicic acid to cells.

How ch-OSA can support collagen production

When we consume collagen powders from animal and fish sources, they can break down in our digestive tract and simply become another food protein source. That’s where ch-OSA differs, because it’s not actually collagen. Instead it works by switching on the cells that make our body generate more of our own collagen.

BioSil, a daily supplement featuring ch-OSA, comes in a liquid or capsule that’s formulated in the exact same dosages used in clinical studies. We gathered information from interviews with Richard Passwater, Jr., Product Education Director for Bio Minerals, maker of BioSil (distributed by Natural Factors), about the supplement’s impressive clinical results and why BioSil works so well to regenerate collagen.

Researchers at Bio Minerals have shown that in skin studies, BioSil supplements increased collagen so significantly that wrinkles were reduced by 30 percent and skin elasticity increased by 89 percent, making skin smoother and firmer. BioSil also strengthens hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp and boosting collagen in the skin at the base of our hair follicles so that we produce thicker strands and hair grows faster. Nails become stronger too and grow more quickly. BioSil also helps strengthen bones,  making them more pliable and less prone to breaking (more so than with just calcium and vitamin D, especially in women with osteopenia and osteoporosis).

BioSil, a leader in ch-OSA delivery

BioSil comes in two versions: liquid or micro-droplets of the liquid in capsule form. Both work the same way to generate collagen but allow you to choose the exact dosages for your specific needs.


Natural Factors BioSil Beauty, Bones & Joints is ideal for those of us who want stronger bones; just 6 drops a day will boost collagen.




If you’re looking to achieve results like those in clinical trials for younger-looking skin and healthier hair and nails, choose the dosage found in Natural Factors BioSil Hair, Skin & Nails (one capsule taken two times a day).



As with most supplements that build from within, the experts at BioSil tell us results will take a bit of time. The majority of people see an improvement in their nails and hair in a month or so and noticeably firmer skin with fewer wrinkles in about four or five months.