Boost the Benefits of Curcumin with Natural Factors CurcuminRich

The buzz about turmeric and curcumin? It’s real. Studies continue to show that the health benefits from curcumin are wide ranging. Curcumin, found in the spice turmeric (used in curries), is an antioxidant, fights inflammation and has cardioprotective benefits. It can help ease muscle soreness after exercise and even reduce anxiety.

But how do we best get curcumin’s amazing benefits? Traditional curcumin supplements don’t always dissolve well and can be excreted from the body too quickly. That’s why researchers at Natural Factors developed their Theracurmin formulation. We checked in with Natural Factors expert, Kate Rheaume, ND (and lead educator for the line), to learn more.

Theracurmin, a better curcumin.
Natural Factors realized that bioavailability, or how well curcumin is absorbed, was key to getting consistent benefits from this supplement. They found that grinding down curcumin into tiny particles and mixing it with vegetable gum led to a highly absorbable and stable suspension that dissolves easily and stays in the bloodstream significantly longer—at least 8 hours—than other types of curcumin. Theracurmin, the result of this innovative process, has been proven in clinical trials to be the most bioavailable curcumin on the market, Dr. Rheaume tells us.

You may have also heard claims that black pepper (piperine) significantly increases the absorption of curcumin. Dr. Rheaume clears up this common misperception: “The effect of the small particle size in Theracurmin’s formulation far exceeds the effect of piperine on curcumin absorption. Looking at the studies about black pepper, the absolute effect on absorption is actually quite small. In other words, blood levels of curcumin remain quite low with only black pepper/piperine. Blood levels with Theracurmin far exceed those seen in studies using black pepper.”

Theracurmin for everyone.
Whether you’re adding curcumin to your diet for general health benefits or for a specific health need, there’s a Natural Factors Theracurmin formulation that’s right for you, says Dr. Rheaume.

Theracurmin and Theracurmin Double Strength support a healthy inflammation response

Theracurmin Regular Strength is ideal for maintaining good general health. It’s a powerful antioxidant, supports joint and heart health, boosts our body’s ability to manage inflammation, and helps our liver and gallbladder function well. For people struggling with chronic inflammation and pain, or more serious health conditions, Theracurmin Double Strength is a more appropriate dose, says Dr. Rheaume.

Cardio Curcumizer for heart health

Combining all the benefits of curcumin with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, Cardio Curcumizer helps lower triglyceride levels in our blood, slows down the rate that plaque builds up in our arteries and can even help lower blood pressure.

Memory Curcumizer for cognitive health

Students take note. Memory Curcumizer with curcumin and botanical bacopa helps us retain new information better. Blended with resveratrol-rich celery and green tea extracts and quercetin Memory Curcumizer protects our brain cells and helps regulate neurotransmitter functions. For healthy older adults with mild memory complaints, a recent clinical trial shows that the curcumin in Theracurmin can help improve memory and mood, according to Dr. Rheaume.

Joint Curcumizer for tendonitis, osteoarthritis and painful joint conditions

Curcumin’s inflammation-fighting compounds are combined with natural pain-relieving white willow bark and devil’s claw in their Joint Curcumizer to help calm inflamed joints and reduce stiffness.