Brands We Love: Sanitas Skincare

Sanitas Skincare understands topical nutrition—ways to nourish the skin and support its ability to regenerate and be healthy. Leveraging biochemistry and knowledge of skin function and metabolism, Sanitas designs products using key nutrients that the body uses for repair and growth to optimize your skin health.

To learn more about their science-based formulation process, we spoke with VP of Research & Development Alexis Mayne, and Jamie Leto, Sanitas’ Lead Formulator.

What is the underlying concept behind Sanitas' formulations?

We all understand that eating a whole food diet rich in plant-based antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, along with high-quality proteins and fats, can optimize our body health. The same is true for our skin! We’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and science is showing a deeper relationship between the nutrition we absorb and overall health and wellbeing. But because the skin can’t digest “foods” and break down key nutrients, Sanitas products are designed to deliver them into the skin.

You use the terms like "bioactive" and "biogenic" to describe your ingredients. Can you explain what that means?

At Sanitas we define our ingredients and products as bioactive, meaning they work within the skin to promote health and change.

  • Biogenic is a compound that the body already makes, such as hyaluronic acid. We can provide an extra dose of these compounds to bolster the body’s own stores.
  • Bioessential nutrients are those that need to be supplemented through topical application or diet—like essential fatty acids, many amino acids and vitamin C. They play a critical role in overall skin health and we need to replenish them in our regularly.
  • Biomimetic nutrients are close cousins to biogenic and bioessential nutrients; the body can recognize and utilize them in conjunction with other nutrients. Glycolic acid is a good example of a biomimetic.

Can you give us an example of a few products that best exemplify these concepts?

Hyaluronic Concentrate provides fundamental amino acids in their ready-to-use form so skin can route them to collagen building and tissue regeneration. Paired with essential vitamin C and vitamin B, this powerhouse blend is vital to optimizing skin health and should be used with every moisturizer to enhance its penetration and activity.

In our Vita C Serum, the squalane base is the delivery system and provides activity as well. Squalane is a biogenic lipid that is found in our skin and provides barrier protection. It also seamlessly delivers bioessential vitamin C, which the body needs for proper collagen formation.

Our Glycosolution 5% uses skin’s pH gradient to deliver a potent blend of amino acids and NaPCA. Exfoliation with glycolic acid not only induces desquamation (the process of healthy cell migration towards the surface) but also triggers the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and lipids. Together these help support the extracellular matrix (the cell’s main support system that helps skin resist sagging) and the lipid membrane, which acts as a barrier to keep water and nutrients in, but pollutants and pathogens out. Maintenance of this barrier is essential to skin health.

Our Revitalize Mask is like an energy drink for your skin! Biogenic Coenzyme Q10 is an energy carrier for cells and a strong antioxidant to protect skin lipids and proteins. Revitalize Mask can be applied in a thin layer for an overnight mask, resulting in a bright, hydrated complexion that’s essential for those #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies.

Vitamin A is the skin’s most essential nutrient, and although the body doesn’t produce retinol (a form of vitamin A), the skin has specific retinol receptors that allow it to utilize this nutrient efficiently. Our RejuvenA delivers a healthy dose of retinol, along with a support structure, to enhance its benefits and counteract potential irritation from this powerful vitamin.