Buyer’s Guide: Eye Treatments

Baggy or puffy eyes making you look tired all the time? Or do you have fine lines or crow’s feet around your eyes? Aging, your lifestyle, sun damage or even your genes could be the culprit. Here are the best natural fixes for your specific eye issues. After you’ve chosen the right cream, remember to apply it gently around this delicate area, no tugging, just pat it on lightly with your little finger to prevent future damage.

Challenge Potential causes Ingredients that work Where you’ll find it
Puffiness Lack of sleep
Hormonal changes
Fluid retention
Look for anti-inflammatory botanicals. Willowbark and cucumber are rich in plant flavonoids, which are good at reducing swelling. Eyebright is another plant with flavonoids and naturally astringent tannins that reduce inflammation. And caffeine in green tea and coffee seed extracts constrict blood vessels under the skin and diminish “bags” under the eye.
Dark circles Fatigue
Hayfever or allergies
Thinning skin and loss of collagen due to aging
Look for collagen-building peptides and vitamin A, skin-brightening vitamins K and B3 (niacinamide) and skin-lightening botanicals like emblica berry, wild plum, daisy and evening primrose extracts.
Fine lines and wrinkles Aging
Environmental toxins and sun damage
Excessive squinting

Thin skin around the eye makes wrinkles more apparent, and because there are so few oil glands in that skin it can become extra dry. Firm up with skin-tightening algae and seaweed or butcher’s broom extract. Hydrate with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid or easily absorbed jojoba oil.

Daily cover up and protection Sun damage
Environmental toxins

To prevent further damage, look for eye creams and under-eye concealers with protective ingredients like mineral sunscreen, titanium dioxide and hydrating botanical oils.

Eyes need intensive treatment Traveling, interrupted sleep or even stress Nourishing balms and retinol (vitamin A) creams that work best when left on overnight.