Caring For Your Cat, Naturally

Back CameraCats have unique health needs! In addition to the proper diet, your cat may need extra supplementation to keep their fur shiny and their joints healthy. Here are a few concerns and nutrient recommendations for your little meowser.

Your cat’s skin and coat health is a good indicator of their general wellbeing. Have your cat checked if you detect persistent scratching, excessive licking, biting or swelling of the skin, or increased shedding or bald patches. And don’t forget—your feline’s skin and coat health begins with a healthy diet!

Recommended supplements
Natural Pet’s Skin and Itch Irritations is formulated to relieve itching, scratching, rashes, hives, hot spots, burning, eczema, psoriasis, coat conditions or generally unhealthy skin.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) refers to conditions such as bladder inflammation, stones or obstruction of the urethra. Cats with FLUTD typically show pain, difficulty or increased frequency with urination and/or blood in the urine and often show excessive licking of genital area. Have a vet check any cat with signs of FLUTD.

Recommended supplements
Natural Pet’s Homeopathic Urinary Tract Infections provides fast, natural relief from symptoms of painful, difficult or frequent urination associated with urinary tract irritations or infections.

Digestive issues are not uncommon for cats, and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, increase or decrease in thirst, a dull/unkempt coat or weight loss. Cats with vomiting and weight loss should be assessed for tapeworms or other serious conditions.

Feline obesity strikes about half of cats in the US, and can lead to health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease, high blood pressure, compromised immunity and predisposition to certain cancers. Many cats are overfed; the average 10 lb house cat requires only 180-200 calories per day.

General supplement recommendations
Natural Pet’s Stress Control provides safe, homeopathic relief from a wide range of problems like anxiety, fear, gastric upset, stress licking, eating issues and neurotic behaviors.

True-Dose’s Joint Care is a highly concentrated formulation of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM that promotes cats’ joint mobility and flexibility.

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