Controlling Inflammation: The Secret to Aging?

Want to learn more about the link between aging and inflammation? We found this fascinating article from Discover Magazine about how inflammation may be the most controllable element in the aging process.

“When you start to think about aging as a consequence of inflammation…you start to see old age in a different, much more hopeful light. If decrepitude is driven by an overactive immune system, then it is treatable. And if many chronic diseases share this underlying cause, they might all be remedied in a similar way. The right anti-inflammatory drug could be a panacea, treating diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and even cancer.” 

But prescription drugs aren’t the only solution to inflammation. Exercise, diet and herbal remedies can all play a vital role in controlling inflammation throughout our lives. Read more about our practitioners’ recommendations.

Here are a few other resources that can help:

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  1. Joy D. Griffith says:

    I highly recommend Dr. Neal Barnard’s books. “Foods That Fight Pain: Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief” is the book that soothed and stopped my arthritis pain and inflammation. I followed his arthritis chapter exactly, and have celebrated my new pathway of pain free.

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