Crane’s Humidifiers: A Model for Sustainability and Healthy Living

iStock_000001921014SmallFrom our friends at Crane USA

Since the company’s inception just 10 years ago, Crane’s goal has been to create the best humidifier for every member of the family, from newborns to grandparents. Crane not only looks out for people’s health during cold and flu season, but their futures as well; Crane’s products help reduce emissions and pollution so people worldwide can live healthy lives for generations to come.

Crane’s post-industrial recycled packaging is becoming even more sustainable with this year’s mission to remove the styrofoam carton. By switching to a post-consumer recycled cardboard pulp, Crane is proud to share the exciting fact that only recycled cardboard materials from homes and businesses go into creating their packaging, which means nothing needs to go in a landfill!

Additionally, Crane’s recyclable packaging is made using an emission-free production process. The packages sit on giant carts in the sun until the cardboard cartons are dried and set. Any leftover water from this process is either added back into the cardboard pulp mixture or evaporated during the drying process.

This all happens before the humidifiers even get to your home. But it doesn’t stop there! A regular household light bulb uses more energy than a Crane humidifier, making it one of the most energy-efficient humidifiers on the market. Crane’s humidifiers are also completely recyclable themselves: the mist lid and tanks can go into your regular plastic recycling stream and the base of the humidifier can be recycled through most electronic recycling programs.

Crane is committed to making sustainable improvements through all facets of their company and products.

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