Umckaloabo (Pelargonium sidoides) is a geranium plant native to South Africa. The plant was discovered hundreds of years ago by South African tribes as a treatment for respiratory and digestive ailments—and has recently become popular in other parts of the world for its help shortening the duration of colds and cough.

Nature’s Way has harnessed the power of umcka in its powerful line of Umcka products, including syrups, powders and hot drinks. To create the line, Nature’s Way uses a 1X homeopathic preparation of the Pelargonium sidoides root extract, which has been the subject of more than 20 clinical studies. The results have shown that when it’s taken at the first sign of a cold, it’s clinically proven to relieve common cold symptoms, in addition to nasal, throat and bronchial irritations. It’s even part of Dr. Tierona Low Dog’s three must-have cold and cough remedies.

Here’s more about the key products in the Nature’s Way Umcka line.

ColdCare Syrup

This tasty syrup comes in a variety of flavors and helps reduce the severity of throat nasal and bronchial irritations, including cough congestion and sore throat.

“I have been using this for years and won’t give it up. It is always in my house during cold & flu season.”

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ColdCare Soothing Hot Drink

Just dissolve the contents ins 4-6 oz of hot water and sip. Can even be used in cold water (which can be preferable for children).

“Our whole family, including my elderly parents, stock up on this during cold season and use it at the first hint of illness. It is really effective at nipping a cold in the bud or at least shortening its duration.”

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FastActives Cold Relief

These convenient powder packets are easy to carry with you, so you can take them at a moment’s notice. The delicious powder rapidly melts in your mouth, and is safe for ages 6 and up!

“Being a busy, working, on-the-go mom, I don’t have time to get sick. I take it at the first sign of weakness!”

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ColdCare Alcohol-Free Drops

This concentrated liquid form comes with a dropper for convenient dosage. You can take it straight or add it to a beverage—whichever is more convenient. Alcohol-free formula is safe for ages 6 and up.

“I took this product at the first signs of a cold and then continued 3x a day for several days. It worked very well! I didn’t get sick. It’s now a staple in my medicine cabinet.”

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