Dr. Hauschka: Cultivating a Culture of Care

If you’ve never tried this luxurious European line of skin care, you should know that it’s a favorite among Pharmaca customers. Dr. Hauschka offers the best in botanical ingredients in everything from facial care to hand creams to cosmetics.

The majority of ingredients in Dr. Hauschka’s products are grown either biodynamically or organically, and all with a great deal of thought and consideration for the earth’s natural growing processes. Their ingredient philosophy is a perfect fit on Pharmaca’s beauty shelves.

Dr. Hauschka skin care has been available in the US since 1972, and its popularity has grown as people have discovered the simple efficacy of their products. We wanted to tell you more about why this line is as popular as it is.

How the journey began

“We naturally felt like rebels when we developed these unconventional cosmetics,” says Dr. Hauschka co-founder Elisabeth Sigmund, speaking about the early days of the line. And they’re still not conventional. Dr. Hauschka drew upon expertise in natural remedies, esthetics and the biology of the skin to harness the powers of nature for skin care. For them natural skin care and cosmetics are not a passing trend—they are a serious and stubborn tradition that they’ve maintained for 50 years.

Cultivating a culture of care

Everything Dr. Hauschka does is inspired by a global vision of cultivating a culture of care, including:

  • Global partnerships with sustainable farms around the world
  • Ingredient-harvesting practices that ensure they source only the best natural ingredients
  • How every product is formulated to meet the requirements of their NATRUE certification
  • How every nurturing skin care ritual is customized for each individual’s unique skin condition

Sustainability that cares

Many of Dr. Hauschka’s ingredients are grown in their own biodynamic herb garden and on their farm, the Sonnenhof, in Bad Boll, Germany. What they do not grow themselves comes from nearby wild harvesting, or from organic cultivation projects worldwide (and from partners whose criteria for fairness and sustainability are as strict as their own).

A caring garden

Every ingredient is harvested, sorted and cleaned by hand. Once prepared, they harness the power of these ingredients through rhythmical processing—a method developed by Dr. Hauschka himself to ensure the highest quality extractions without the use of harsh chemicals in the process. That means that each ingredient batch is exposed to the rhythmic powers of the natural polarities of darkness and light, warmth and cold, and movement and rest. This method preserves every botanical extract without the use of synthetic preservatives.

A ritual that cares for your skin

Dr. Hauschka skin care products are as diverse as you are. Whatever your skin condition at your current stage of life, their nurturing product compositions support your skin’s natural processes of renewal. Their simple four-step process looks like this, designed to accompany your skin on every journey taken during a 24-hour day:

  • Cleanse—to remove impurities and makeup
  • Tone—to balance skin while guiding its natural process of renewal
  • Mask—to deliver targeted care and infuse the skin with vitality
  • Moisture—to protect and guide with comfort, balance and moisture

Ready to find your perfect ritual?