Dr. Hauschka: Ingredients for a Better World

DrHauschka_HarvestingRosesEthiopiaThe Dr. Hauschka Skin Care community extends beyond their offices and gardens. Dr. Hauschka works with local communities around the world to establish Fair Trade organic and biodynamic initiatives that provide us with the highest quality botanical ingredients while helping to promote sustainable agriculture and economic self-reliance.

Shea Butter Cooperative in Burkina Faso

In 2001, Dr. Hauschka helped establish a shea butter cooperative in Burkino Faso, Africa, purchasing the ingredient from two villages at above-average prices and giving long-term purchase guarantees. The cooperative provides some 350 women a source of income while ensuring an enduring supply of Fair Trade organic shea butter for Dr. Hauschka products. Today the cooperative sells to several cosmetics companies around the world, benefitting the greater international community.

Shea butter is found in more than 20 Dr. Hauschka products, including: Rose Day Cream, Regenerating Day Cream, Translucent Make-up 00-04, Quince Day Cream, Lip Care Stick and Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream

Organic Castor Oil Project in India

In 2005, Dr. Hauschka began an organic castor oil project in India, helping to establish the first certified organic source for castor oil worldwide. The manufacturer sells us the oil, but is free to offer the remaining supply to other trading partners. The freedom and ultimate autonomy of their suppliers is an essential part of Dr. Hauschka’s approach to sustainability.

Organic castor oil is found in: Lip Care Stick, Lip Balm, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lipstick Novum, Bath Essence,

Rose Essential Oil from Africa and Central Asia

Since 2006, Dr. Hauschka has supported Damask rose cultivation projects in Africa and Central Asia. Four hundred farmers now grow organic roses in Afghanistan, providing them with a viable alternative to the poppy trade. In Ethiopia, Dr. Hauschka supports a Damask rose fair trade initiative that provides a source for biodynamic rose essential oil while helping to establish a self-reliant and economically sustainable community.

Rose essential oil is found in more than 25 products, including: Rose Body Moisturizer, Rose Body Oil, Firming Mask, Volume Mascara, Liquid Eyeliners and Rhythmic Night Conditioner. Rose Essential Oil is also a component of many mixtures of natural essential oils used to scent products.

Organic Mango Butter from India

Working with the same Indian company that processes their organic castor oil, in 2008 Dr. Hauschka helped establish the first organic mango butter-processing source worldwide. Sourcing this valuable raw material in organic quality comes at a price: Dr. Hauschka pays 10 times the world market price for conventional mango butter. But the benefits are worth the cost.

The company can now employ an additional 40 seasonal workers, and Dr. Hauschka’s customers enjoy the benefits of the highest quality organic mango butter.

Find it in: Firming Mask, Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream, Lip Gloss

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