Easy Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Your holiday list is written. Your menu is already planned. Even your New Year’s Eve babysitter is lined up. But what do you do when the holidays bring an unwelcome surprise, like standstill traffic or last-minute illness, that throws you off balance? Not to worry. Pharmaca is here to help you avoid holiday havoc in its many forms.

Maintain Your Regular Routine
Traveling to visit family and friends can often lead to changes in your sleeping and eating schedule, as well as your standard wellness routine. Try to keep these basic elements of your daily life stable.

  • For sleep support, our practitioners often recommend WishGarden’s Sleepy Nights, a non-sedative formula that modulates the nervous system to quiet mental chatter. Since it contains no valerian and no kava, you can take it any time in the night and still feel fresh in the morning.
  • Since most of us tend to eat more (and more often) during the holidays, try taking holy basil supplements during times of excess. This herb acts as an adrenal regulator so it not only modulates blood sugar, but it also reduces stress.

Keep Stress at Bay
The holidays can be as hectic as they can be enjoyable. Surround yourself with a positive environment to help temper emotional reactions to stressful situations.

  • Try keeping essential oils like spruce, clove and thyme in your home or car diffuser. A small bottle of lavender also travels easily for on-the-go moments when stress levels start to rise.
  • When cooking, cleaning, or preparing for company, light beeswax candles around the house and turn up some music, like Putumayo’s Jazz and Blues Christmas. This way, your chores become enjoyable personal time.

Support Your System
One of the great things about the holiday is the selfless spirit that grows in you, but it’s also important not to lose sight of yourself. Be sure to take good care of your body so you can look and feel your best.

  • A blend of the herb astragalus and elderberry extract is great for helping keep illness at bay and reducing inflammation.
  • While we all know that nothing beats stress like a glass of wine, it’s also true that nothing hurts like the morning after. Replenish your vitamin B levels which are depleted by alcohol consumption with New Chapter’s Coenzyme B Food Complex.

For additional suggestions and personalized advice, visit your local Pharmaca.

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