Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender

This month, we’re starting a new tradition of examining a new essential oil to discover more about its healing properties. Since March is Sleep & Stress month, we thought it fitting to take a closer look at the benefits of everyone’s favorite relaxing essential oil: Lavender. Pharmaca offers two different strains: French lavender and Bulgarian lavender.

What it does
Lavender is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-depressant. Lavender is best known for its balancing properties, as it can rejuvenate and inspire a tired person, or calm someone who is stressed or tense. 

Bonus use
Lavender can also stimulate the immune system and allay the effects of shock or injury.

Ways to use it

  • Add to a hot bath for a soothing, stress-relieving experience
  • Add to a carrier oil or unscented body product and smooth onto skin
  • Put a few drops on your pillow for relaxing sleep
  • Add to laundry rinse or your iron to freshen clothing
  • Keep a bottle and tissue in your purse or car. Drop lavender oil onto tissue and inhale when you’re on the go for an immediate feeling of clarity and calm.

Interesting tidbit
One of the founders of aromatherapy, R.M. Gattefosse, started his research into essential oils when he experienced how well lavender helped heal a burn on his hand.

Discover the power of lavender today!

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