Finding Inner Peace During the Holidays

If the fast pace of the holiday season leaves you feeling more like a zombie than an elf, turn to Pharmaca for ways to help calm your nerves and relax your mind. We’ve even put some of our favorite stress and sleep products on sale this month to make getting help that much easier.

Stress Less

Holiday stress and anxiety can peak during this time of year due to a range of triggers that are present, from financial strain to family conflicts. Our practitioners often recommend these products to help alleviate the body’s reaction to stress.

WishGarden Herbal Remedies Deep Stress

Relying on the traditional stress relieving properties of herbs like Ginseng, Motherwort and Nettles, this formula helps reduce both acute and chronic stress. Simply add 2-4 drops to water and drink your relief.

Pharmaca Bath Salts

Take some time for a therapeutic soak combining the mineral benefits of natural salts from the Dead Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Utah. Pharmaca’s fine-grained aromatherapeutic bath salts use only the purest ingredients so you can relax a little easier as your troubles melt away.

Bach Rescue Remedy Drops

One of our best-selling products, this formula relies on a unique combination of flower essences to help the body restore balance after traumatic situations. Not only is it easy to take, it is also safe for adults, pets and kids. 20 ml

Sleep Easy

Enzymatic Therapy Sleep Tonight

Clinical studies have shown Sleep Tonight to be effective at reducing stress hormones in the body. This valerian-free formula encourages relaxation, is non-habit forming and helps promote a positive mood through more restful sleep.

Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep

This safe, fast-acting formula contains the amino acid 5-HTP, the hormone melatonin and green tea’s stress reliever L-Theanine to help support restful sleep. Each dose comes in a tasty, fruit-flavored chewable tablet.


Our practitioners can recommend other stress and sleep-oriented products specific to your needs. Take comfort in knowing that finding support is as easy as going to your local Pharmaca.

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