Garden of Life Product Reviews

For more than 14 years, Garden of Life’s mission has been to empower extraordinary health. The human body craves the nutrition found in food, and Garden of Life’s goal is to feed that need with cleanest, high quality whole-food ingredients possible. If you want to know more about what Garden of Life can do for your health, check out these reviews of what customers both liked and disliked about Garden of Life products.

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Once Daily Ultra Probiotics

Best Probiotics especially for people with food allergies!
“I love Garden of Life products but this in particular is my favorite. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant and has many other GI issues, but keeping him on these probiotics regularly with other supplements really minimizes the fickleness of his digestive system which makes my life easier. i’m gluten intolerant so this works for the both of us. i was hesitant to purchase a product online that i buy at a brick and mortar location as it’s usually sold and stored in the fridge, but pharmaca not only had a great price, but shipped the package in a temp control bag with a mini cold pack inside.”

Review by Rae (12.1.2017)

Great product
“These have been great! I was taking culterelle 10billion probiotics for the last few months with little difference in how I felt or improvement with my digestive issues. I began taking this and with in a few days I could tell a visible difference with bloating, energy, digestion, and even my brain fog had improved. I will definitely order again.”

Review by Ally B. (5.14.2018)

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Garden of Life RAW Organic Fit Protein Powder

Love this shake!
“Both my husband and I are shrinking! In 4 weeks I have gone down two sizes and my husband has lost 13 pounds. The shakes give energy, but not the wired feeling. I crave less sugar and am able to stick to a 1300 calorie diet with no problem, no hunger. Loving Raw Fit!”

Review by Lena Prima (3.26.2015)

“I am hooked on RAW Fit! It truly does satisfy my hunger, it has helped me lose weight, and build lean muscle. My stomach doesn’t agree with soy- so this is the prefect protein for me. RAW Fit has increased my energy and my mood; I feel great and this protein has played a huge role with my progress in the past 3 months! It’s not as sweet as most protein powders I have had in the past, so I typically blend it with spinach, ice, almond milk, and a few berries. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new protein!! The only negative thing about this protein is that it’s only 16oz.”

Review by _jessjohnson (3.28.2014)

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Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic

What more could you ask for?
“I love this protein powder, I rotate between a few, but this is the gold standard. No chemicals, organic, lots of awesome ingredients…love that it has sprouted and probiotic stuff! High protein content and I honestly make it last a long time cause I only do a half a scoop at a time…Tastes good too!”

Review by Jennifer (6.17.2017)

Using daily for 6 months now!
“Still using for my breakfast 6 months later! Love having this every morning. Great taste compared with others I have tried. Seems a bit pricey but not at all when on sale and when you think about how many servings you get compared with the cost of a “traditional” breakfast.”

Review by Stacy (1.6.2018)

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Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Multi

Really like this product.
“This is an all around great prenatal multi. The only reason that I did not give it a 5 stars rating was the even further reduced amount of Mg and Ca as compared to the Garden of Life Raw Prenatal. It does have, however, the rda of chromium which the Raw was missing.”

Review by Amy Spicka (8.5.2014)

The Best Prenatal Vitamin Available
“I have taken these prenatal vitamins throughout my pregnancy and I continue to use them while I am nursing. I enjoyed a very healthy pregnancy and have a very healthy, happy baby. I highly recommend these vitamins.”

Review by Janet Weiss (3.14.2015)

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Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Women

High Quality
“Since our bodies process synthetic and natural vitamins differently, I decided to switch and out of Garden of Life’s multivitamin, this was the best price per pill. I love it has everything in there that I need so I don’t need to buy more supplements, although I have extra Vitamin C on hand for any colds. We purchase other items from Garden of Life. Although we eat healthy, we have noticed a difference in how we feel after a few weeks of taking this.”

Review by Liz (10.11.2017)

Best multivitamin
“I love this multi! I’ve noticed a difference in energy levels and brain function. The only thing is that I have to take it on a full stomach or I get incredibly nauseous.”

Review by GL (5.7.2018)

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