Get a Fresh New Look with ZuZu Luxe

If your calendar is filling up with events and parties, now is the time to find a fresh, new look for the season. Jean Silva, the National Sales Manager for Gabriel Cosmetics and ZuZu Luxe, helped enlighten us on what beauty trends are hot now.

What tips and tricks do you have for prepping skin before applying makeup?

Always start with clean skin and lightly moisturize. If you want a more sustainable look, you can take it a step further by priming skin to create a more smooth canvas with something like a concealer or liquid foundation.

How do I choose the right foundation?

Not everybody needs a liquid foundation, but those with uneven skin tone can benefit from this treatment. Always be sure to test your liquid foundation on the face, as opposed to the wrist or neck. You can also go for lighter coverage with a simple powder. It’s a good idea to choose a foundation with a slightly lighter shade in the winter since you aren’t in the sun as much.

What features should you play up?

It’s a good idea to play up one feature, but not the whole face. For example, you would want to tone down the lips if you decide to boost your eyes.

What shades are hot right now?

For eyes, the full range of grey shadows from light metallics to smoldering shades are in right now. Both matte and shimmer finishes look great. To achieve these looks, go for the Vixen eye shadow which is metallic, or deepen it with Gem which is a dark charcoal grey.

For lips, cherry red is big right now. There are lots of variations, like Starlet in a cherry shade, or for a deeper, more trendy red, choose Femme Fatale. Not only do these have fabulous staying power, but they are also gluten and lead free. Lip gloss is great for a pearly nude lip, which is also nice this season during the day time. Try Divinity which is a pearlescent clear, or the Bronzite which has a brown nude shimmer. And, if you are a confident woman who wants to wear red during the day…go for it.

How do you go from day to night?

Simply stick with the same palette but deepen it for nighttime. For example, say you’re using Vixen all over the eyelid with a pale pink lip. Add a little more contoured blush to the cheeks, then take a darker gray like the Gem eye shadow and add it to the crease of the lid to deepen. Finish with another coat of mascara and some eyeliner.

Do you have any final words of advice?

Overall, the most important thing is to experiment. Find a look that you are excited about, and rock it.

Acting on Jean’s last bit of advice is as easy as visiting your neighborhood Pharmaca and asking one of our licensed estheticians about colors and products that will help you look your best this season.

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