Give Your Love Life a Lift

Could your libido use a little boost? For the latest on all-natural aphrodisiacs, we spoke with Gayl Hyde, naturopathic doctor at our Mill Valley, Calif., store.

First and foremost, Gayl says, a good libido is about good energy. “Having adequate energy and balanced hormones makes an impact on whether you’re interested in sex at all,” says Gayl. As a result, she recommends ensuring you’re stocked up on B vitamins. “B vitamins increase your overall energy and push the biochemical pathways to balance out your hormones.” She recommends 25 drops per day, taken sublingually, of Pharmaca’s B Complex, a liquid vitamin that includes B12, B6 and Folic Acid. Gayl also notes that women taking contraceptives are especially susceptible to B-vitamin depletion.

Another libido lifter? Essential oils such as ylang ylang and jasmine, like in Pharmaca’s Perfect Harmony blend. “The inhalation of oils works on the nervous system, and can affect one’s body both physiologically and emotionally,” says Gayl. Ylang ylang has a calming effect, and can stimulate sexual desire through an emotional response. Gayl recommends adding a few drops to a carrier oil like jojoba and using it as a massage oil. Or try Pharmaca’s new Sensual Massage Oil, which features ylang ylang and a variety of other sensual oils.

To boost the male libido, specifically, Gayl suggests panax or Chinese ginseng, along with other well-known aphrodisiacs like yohimbe or maca rootHerb Pharm’s Male Sexual Vitality Tonic is another ginseng-based tincture, with the added benefit of maca root. With either remedy, Gayl recommends adding 30 drops to a bit of warm water or tea, and taking only between meals so the herbs don’t interact with food.

For erectile dysfunction problems, men can turn to Jarrow’s L-Arginine formula. “L-Arginine is a vasodilator that helps with blood flow to the area,” says Gayl. One 1000 mg tablet can be taken about 30 minutes ahead of time, or even throughout the day-but only on a short-term basis, since it affects the heart as well.

In the end, aphrodisiacs are best when custom tailored to you. “There are many different ways of increasing one’s libido, whether from eating oysters or chocolate to aromatherapy,” says Gayl. “It can’t hurt to hit all the senses.”

Visit a Pharmaca practitioner today at a location nearest you to learn about customized solutions for enhancing your love life…just in time for Valentine’s Day. Or shop our intimacy health products online!

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