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We love that jane iredale offers natural cosmetic products for every skin type. Their products are made with mineral ingredients that are meant to nurture the skin while making it appear flawless. If you want to know more about what jane iredale can do for your skin, check out these reviews of what users both liked and disliked about jane iredale products.

jane iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation

Great for mature skin
“Tried this when my old foundation started seeping into fine lines on my face. This goes on well with a brush, is light and doesn’t feel tacky or greasy like so many foundations, and best of all it doesn’t seem into my wrinkles. The hyaluronic is a bonus as it acts as a humectant, pulling moisture into the skin. It is more expensive, but worth it.”

Review by Katie (3.9.2018)

Perfect for Sensitive Skin
“I have very dry, sensitive skin with redness on my cheeks. I have been searching for a great foundation for years now. My face (and neck, actually) would constantly beak out with acne, itchy bumps, and irritation from my makeup. This, of course, led me to want full coverage to hide these imperfections, causing more irritation, and continuing a nasty cycle of breakouts and foundation searches. Finally, I started being very diligent with my skincare routine (AM and PM) and *gasp* let my skin go makeup-less for three weeks while it healed from all the toxic and irritating ingredients in my makeup.
Then, I decided it was time to invest in a great foundation.”

Review by saraed22 (2.25.2016)

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jane iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

best foundation ever
“Expensive, but lasts a very long time. I’m just finishing my first one after about 6 years and it still works as great as always. It feels a bit thick when first put on but no matter how thick I layer it on, it adjusts and evens out and doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup. It is best (but not necessary) used with the primer, Smooth Affair, which makes it last even longer—you need only a few drops to cover entire face. I have sensitive dry skin and am sensitive to perfumes and no problems here.”

Review by moreJIlove (5.17.2018)

Too Thick
“Way too thick and powdery. It makes my face look super dry. I have to add my oil to it in order to even use it so it looks more natural.”

Review by Donna (3.29.2018)

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jane iredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refill

 5 Star Powder
“I am so very happy with this powder. It is so much less cakey than other powders, and mixes well with my foundation. On a typical day I used this powder alone with a little concealer, and it offers adequate daily coverage. Most importantly of all, it doesn’t make my super-sensitive skin break-out!”

Review by Alexandra (1.6.2017)


Best Mineral Compact
“My skin is sensitive, but this product is perfect! I can control the level of coverage, it blends well, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Best of all, I can buy refills and carry this classy compact in my handbag for on-the-go touch ups.”

Review by Jennifer Wood (11.3.2014)

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jane iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara

great formula
“I bought this in the navy color, and it is a beautiful, subtle shade. I am also a fan of the comb lash. This is a great formula that gives a natural everyday look.”

Review by sarah (4.26.2018)


Lengthening – easy to wash off
“Goes on easily – clumps a bit at first when new. Lashes are lengthened, without looking or feeling caked on. Easy to wash off – that’s the best!”

Review by Jennifer (3.30.2016)


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jane iredale Circle/Delete Concealer

Moisturizing and blends well
“I have medium skin tone and bought the #2 Peachy toned concealer. It works great but does settle in the wrinkles a bit if you don’t blend it well. The peach I put on first and then the lighter color over the top. Very moisturizing too. I was originally using my Pure Pressed base as a concealer under the eye area but it was too crepey and dry looking there. This does not look cakey at all.”

Review by Joni (12.21.2016)


Great product with a few minor downfalls
“This product feels luxurious and does a wonderful job of “deleting” the dark circles and brightening under my eyes. It definitely creases and settles into fine lines if I don’t use a setting powder, though. The conditioning properties of this product are very nice, but the oils in it make my mascara transfer from my lashes to my under eye area, so I have to wear a waterproof mascara when using this concealer. I am light skinned with pink undertones (use Liquid Minerals Foundation in light beige) and the peach shade works great!”

Review by saraed22 (4.14.2016)


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jane iredale Active Light Under-Eye Concealer

great for brightening
“Nothing’s perfect, but this is the best under eye concealer I’ve found for dry skin with dark circles, spots and puffiness. Goes on smoothly, doesn’t get cakey or fill in lines. It is more on the sheer side than covering, but it smooths, brightens and lightens—esp good for tired eyes. I’m about to order my ~5th time in 8+ years (I don’t wear makeup everyday).”

Review by loveJI (5.17.2018)


Great concealer
“I have been using Glow Time B.B. cream for two years now so I decided to try out this concealer. The feel of the product is great. It doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. It’s super easy to apply.”

Review by Brooke (3.5.2018)


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jane iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain

The best lip product I’ve tried thus far…
“I’ve been on the hunt for a lip product that would provide a lovely sheer (non-glossy/shiny) wash of color to the lips that stains and fades evenly. While this isn’t the exact product I’d imagined, it is pretty damn close.

I have all three shades (Forever Pink, Forever Peach, Forever Red) and enjoy using them all. When you apply the product it appears transparent but it just takes a second to warm up to your body and provide the “custom” color. You do get a nice subtle, yet noticeable, tint to the lips. While the product does have a slightly glossy appearance at first, it wears away – yet the color remains intact. Though this is a staining product, the stain doesn’t last as long as I would like (but it does fade evenly).

Overall, this product has its pros and cons; however, I really enjoy using it and will probably re-purchase in the future. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a more subtle/natural look, easy makeup application and a simple quality lip product. I really hope jane iredale comes out with more shades in this line.”

Review by Flo (6.5.2017)


strawberry scented
“I did not care for the strawberry scent/flavor that reminded me of a lip smacker. I did not see that in the description and I returned the product both for the scent and the very light pink shade that wasn’t right for me.”

Review by gigi (11.12.2017)

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jane iredale PureMoist Lipstick

Quality lipstick!
“I just love everything about these lipsticks: the color and pigment shades, very moisturizing, the texture and feel of the lipstick. You can definitely build the intensity of the color. I do wish they were a few dollars less expensive, however due the quality of the product and the lipsticks do last a long time before I need to replace them, so I will definitely repurchase more jane iredale lipsticks.”

Review by Anna (10.8.2017)


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jane iredale Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Fine if you need next to no coverage.
“The coverage of this is so sheer, I cannot tell any real difference. My main concern is covering redness and I must need something with a bit more coverage. The scent is quite strong too. Not bad, but I will keep looking…”

Review by Jeannine (3.5.2018)


Nice Finish
“I love jane iredale makeup especially this tinted moisturizer it is great for when you just want to add a little color and blur out small imperfections. I love wearing this in the spring and summer.”

Review by maria1 (6.14.2017)


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