Herb Pharm Super Echinacea: One Plant, Four Parts for a Strong Immune System

This winter, all of us want our immune system functioning at peak performance—and echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) can be great for supporting that system.

The herbal experts at Herb Pharm have found a way to capture the unique healing benefits of this plant’s seeds, flowers, leaves and roots in their Super Echinacea formulation. Healthy soil, organic practices and regenerative agriculture ensure that Herb Pharm’s echinacea plants are nourished in ways that produce the most vital plants. Here’s why Super Echinacea is a great way immune support health.

Herb Pharm, ROC stars of holistic farming.

The farmers at Herb Pharm know that the best way to produce the healthiest plants is to work in harmony with nature. At their farms in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, they go beyond traditional organic practices and follow Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) farming guidelines. ROC is a holistic agriculture certification program that has robust requirements for soil health, land management, and ensuring fairness for farmers and workers. At its core, this certification means Herb Pharm is keeping more carbon in the soil (rather than depleting it), and that animals are valued—earning the company bee-friendly farming, monarch watch and salmon-safe certifications.

ROC is about actually improving the soil with natural practices like composting (with echinacea stems!), cover cropping with legumes and reducing soil erosion to reverse agriculture’s impact on our planet’s climate. And the farm’s practices are working; biological soil testing measures microbes in the soil to ensure it’s better at building better long-term carbon stores and ensuring optimal soil health.

Why four is better than one. And seasons count.

Creating the best version of the plant is the mission of the farmers at Herb Pharm, since scientific studies show echinacea reduces the risk of complications and recurrent infections of upper respiratory illnesses.

Knowing that each part of the echinacea plant has healing benefits, the Super Echinacea formula combines extracts from seeds, flowers, leaves and roots.

But the farmers at Herb Pharm also know harvesting time is critical to reaping the most potency from the plant. So in summer, leaves and flowers are picked from some of the plants (there are four rotating crops of echinacea) and extracts are immediately processed and stored until fall’s harvest is ready.

Summer is when the plant’s energy is directed to leaves and flowers and the desired phytochemicals in these parts are at their peak. In fall, when the plant is sending energy to its roots, the echinacea flower heads go to seed. These seeds and roots are harvested, again capturing the highest concentration of phytochemicals. And this proprietary Super Echinacea blend is produced from all four potent extracts.

Even more ways Herb Pharm can boost your immune system.

At the first sign of a cold or upper respiratory illness, energize your immune system with Rapid Immune Boost. This tonic blends echinacea with natural germ-killer goldenseal, antioxidant powerhouse black elderberry and other healing herbs.

If a scratchy sore throat ails you, Soothing Throat Spray will calm irritation with echinacea, anti-inflammatory bee propolis and antioxidant-rich hyssop.