Here’s a healthy holiday party cocktail idea: Mix your favorite kombucha flavor with one of WishGarden Herbs’ lifestyle formulas to get you in just the right mood! These tasty mocktails provide a serious dose of probiotics and help speed up the effectiveness of the WishGarden formulas.

Here are the four that WishGarden recommends using:

Liquid Bliss
Formulated for feel-good support, this formula can lift your mood and enhance a sense of connection with others. Tastes great with kombuchas that have berry fruits, floral or citrus flavors. Garnish with an orange zest and peppermint sprig.
Great for: Wallflowers who need an extra push to be social

Deep Stress
Helps to normalize and relax the nervous system with nettles, borage and cordonopsis. Pair with a kombucha with notes of blueberry, basil or rosemary. Garnish with fresh blueberries or a sprig of thyme.
Great for: When you just need to take a load off (because the holidays are stressful, obvi!)

Mo’Betta Belly
Features simple and potent herbs—including fennel, catnip and ginger—that offer digestive ease and system harmony. Best when paired with a ginger or herbal-flavored kombucha. Garnish with a ginger slice or peppermint sprig.
Great for: When you’ve overindulged

Genius Juice
Great for the afternoon (or mid-party!) slump, Genius Juice combines gotu kola, gingko and prickly ash to optimize focus and give you a boost of energy. Pairs well with kombuchas that are flavored with cinnamon or stone fruits. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.
Great for: Prepping to be party Scrabble champ

How to make

  • Fill an 8 oz glass with ice
  • Pour in kombucha
  • Add 6 squirts of a WishGarden Formula
  • Stir and garnish!

You can also serve these mocktails “martini style” chilled over ice and strained into a chilled martini glass for an extra sophisticated touch.