Is TV Shortening Your Life?

Who doesn’t like to settle in to a Friday night movie with a bowl of popcorn after a long, hard workweek? If that’s your idea of heaven, consider this: A recent study by the University of Queensland and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in August claims that for every 60 minutes of television we watch after the age of 25, our life is shortened by almost 22 minutes! If the information in this Australian report is true, then watching too much television ranks right up there with smoking and obesity as health hazards. Of course, there are unknown variables that probably go along with television watching that also lend themselves to increased mortality

When it comes to which activities you choose to engage in when relaxing, consider exploring outdoor (or even indoor) fun activities that don’t require turning on TV. Be creative (or check out these family-friendly activities from Parents) and know that it’s important to be paying as much attention to how you treat your body as you do to what you put in your body.

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