Deconstructing ISURA Certification

When you turn to vitamins and supplements for your health care needs, you want to know that they’re of the highest quality and use the safest ingredients. That’s where certification from ISURA comes in.

ISURA, based in Canada, is an independent, non-profit analytical testing and certification organization that is committed to helping the natural health products industry produce science-based vitamins and supplements. Their mandate is to serve as an analytical competence center to verify the quality and purity of natural health products at all stages of processing and manufacturing, and to test the purity of more than 700 different substances.

“Whether a product is made from seeds, leaves or other parts of a plant; whether ingredients are from sustainably harvested fish; whether they are an oil, a tincture, powdered or in a capsule—ISURA tests them all using advanced mass spectroscopy and other proven leading-edge techniques,” says Sean Mackenrot, executive director of ISURA. “The ISURA seal on the label verifies the purity, quality and integrity of the natural health and food products inside the bottle!”

Certification means that supplements have undergone a battery of lab tests—throughout the supply chain—to ensure that consumers have access to products that are

  • Safe
  • Uncontaminated
  • High quality
  • Have guaranteed potency
  • Are accurately and inclusively labeled

Because ISURA’s focus and expertise is in the natural health industry—and because they have state-of-the-art analytic equipment—they are able to best authenticate the complex profiles of these natural products.

In addition, ISURA’s non-profit structure enables it to deliver testing and certification services to manufacturers and producers of all sizes. They also have an independent board of directors and a scientific advisory committee comprised of researchers and other experts from industry and government.

Natural Factors and the ISURA Certification

The entire line of Natural Factors supplements has been certified by ISURA since 2015. They have made it a priority to ensure that customers can trust their quality and efficacy of their products via this certification process. “When customers learn of the rigorous standards and testing protocols that ISURA uses, they are very impressed,” says Kathy McKnight, Natural Factors’ vice president of sales and marketing. Customers also appreciate knowing for certain the products are non-GMO, a vital part of the ISURA certification.

Get to know just a few of Natural Factors’ ISURA certified supplements.