Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Still Made with Known Carcinogens

Two years ago, at the urging of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson began working to phase out two known carcinogens from their Baby Shampoo: the formaldehyde-releasing preservative quaternium-15, as well as the chemical byproduct 1,4-dioxane. Recently the Campaign publicized the fact that those chemicals are still present in the basic formulation (though consumers can pay extra for the carcinogen-free version, Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo).

The public announcement seems to have worked, since Johnson & Johnson released a statement on Oct. 31 saying they are “phasing out these types of preservatives in our baby products worldwide.” How quickly this actually happens remains to be seen, but you can write to Johnson & Johnson directly via the Campaign website.

Until then, take comfort in the fact that Pharmaca offers a wide range of baby shampoos and washes that are always free of toxic chemicals. We love the Yes To Baby Carrots line, also on sale this month!

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