Juice Beauty’s Farm to Beauty Movement

Juice Beauty has long been one of Pharmaca’s closest partners in natural beauty. From the very beginning, this California-based skin care and makeup company has been dedicated to using the best natural and organic ingredients, and customers have fallen in love with their cosmetics, moisturizers, peels and more—all made with an organic juice base.

Their latest venture—the purchase of a 20-acre farm in the heart of California’s Sonoma Wine Country in summer 2018—takes their commitment to natural ingredients even further. The goal of the farm is to provide an immersive experience that allows guests to learn about the Juice Beauty wellness lifestyle. Guests will also get to watch as the farm undergoes a several-year transformation that will garner it a California Certified Organic Farmers certification status. Ultimately, the farm will provide key organic ingredients that will be used in the brand’s formulas.

In addition to its existing long-standing partnerships with farmers who already supply Juice Beauty with organic botanical ingredients, this new investment will allow Juice Beauty to deepen its roots in organic beauty and connect customers more closely to the company’s unique ingredients.

“The Juice Beauty Farm will act as our ‘ingredient lab’ and eventually provide pure organic ingredients for Juice Beauty products, so we can continue to achieve the highest levels of antioxidants in our formulas,” says Juice Beauty Founder Karen Behnke. “Everything grown on Juice Beauty’s farm will be for production, consumption or research purposes.” Some crop highlights include:

  • Grapes: Vineyards on the farm will provide the resveratrol-rich grapeseed, grape juice and grape stem cells featured in their best-selling Stem Cellular skin care and Phyto-Pigments makeup collections.
  • Olives: The farm’s more than 300 olive trees will be harvested for the intensely hydrating olive oil found in their Stem Cellular and Green Apple skin care collections.
  • Green apples: Green apples are rich in malic acid and serve a brightening function in Juice Beauty’s Green Apple line.
  • Sunflowers: Lipids from sunflowers play an important role in their Signal Peptides Firming skin care collection.
  • Sacred lily & evening primrose: These nocturnal flowers that are most active at night are used in Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Overnight Cream to help renew the appearance of the skin’s surface.

“The ‘Farm to Beauty’ initiative has been a vision of mine for years and we couldn’t be more excited for this next step to expand this concept and further show the power of organic beauty!” says Behnke.