In some of the world’s harshest climates, nature has evolved remarkable ways to protect plants and animals. It turns out that a unique protein called CPP (Cell Protection Protein) plays an important role. LIFTLAB found a way to incorporate this discovery into a variety of skin-saving products. We checked in with LIFTLAB CEO Elliot Entis, along with some Pharmaca experts, to learn more about CPP and how it can be beneficial to our skin care routine.

How were Cell Protection Proteins discovered?

Decades ago, scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute wondered “How do fish, plants and animals survive in the extreme cold of Arctic regions? Why don’t they freeze to death?” So a search began for CPPs (aka antifreeze proteins). Scientists found that many of these organisms produce a natural protein that has protective and regenerative effects on cells, tissues and organs.

How does CPP work?

Knowing that CPP triggers cells to produce key proteins that “blanket” cells and provide protection against cold, dryness and toxins, LIFTLAB scientists did further research and found that CPP can rejuvenate and repair human skin cells, too. CPP triggers cells to produce more than 41 proteins associated with skin renewal and protection, including keratin, collagen, elastin, antioxidants, and heat-shock proteins that help heal skin from damaging UV rays and counter the effects of environmental toxins, according to Elliot. And LIFTLAB’s clinical studies prove that CPP can dramatically reduce skin redness and irritation from environmental factors (e.g. sun, cold and pollutants), help retain moisture, and increase skin firmness and elasticity.

How is CPP sourced?

LiftLab has a partnership with Canadian fisherman that’s a model of sustainability. Coldwater fish like flounder, cod and herring are fished for the food market in waters off of Labrador, Newfoundland. The byproduct of their harvest includes plasma, which LIFTLAB purchases from them. It is then frozen, the CPP is isolated and thoroughly purified, ready to be infused into all LIFTLAB products

What makes LiftLab’s skin care line unique?

“We believe in the transformative power of nature working with science to advance skin health,” Elliot tells us. To achieve this goal, LIFTLAB’s proprietary CPP is present in all their products in clinically proven concentrations. LIFTLAB doesn’t use artificial colors or fragrances, sulfates or parabens, and products are free of fish-based allergens for those with sensitivities. Their formulations don’t just sit on the top layer of skin, either; CPP is absorbed deep into the skin and works at the cellular level. That means that while improvement can be seen immediately, optimal results take 6­–8 weeks.

LiftLab products that Pharmaca practitioners rave about

LIFTLAB PURIFY+CLARIFY Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask & Gentle Exfoliant

“It’s a 3-in-1 product; I travel a lot and it helps minimize what I have to pack without sacrificing a good-quality skin care regimen,” says Colleen Butters, health and beauty advisor, and professional makeup artist in Seattle. “My skin feels healthy, less acneic, firmer and smoother and I appreciate that it doesn’t leave my skin oily or over-dried; it’s a perfect balance.” She adds: “During the winter I tend to get eczema flare-ups—but this is non-irritating, gently exfoliates and reduces redness.”


“The best eye cream I have ever used, hands down,” says Deena Kaplan, esthetician in Greenwood Village, Colo. “It does exactly what it says: It lifts and firms, illuminates dark circles and hydrates. “It makes my eyes look more awake and it has even lifted my eyebrows.” She adds: “You only need the smallest amount for each use, and it does not irritate my sensitive eyes like other eye creams have.”


“It’s a really light gel that isn’t too heavy but still leaves my skin nice and hydrated,” says Lexi Quolas, beauty specialist in Pacific Palisades, Calif. “There’s a calming cooling sensation when applied and it gives a nice suppleness and natural glow. After using, my makeup applies beautifully and stays throughout the day without cracking or flaking.”

Ready to explore the line? Try out all these in mini-sizes, along with LIFT + REPAIR and LIFT + FIX serums, in a LIFTLAB Travel Set.