Manuka Honey: Nature’s Antibiotic

All of the sudden everyone’s talking about Manuka honey–or “nature’s antibiotic.” It’s not just a good-for-you way to sweeten tea, it’s also great for boosting digestive health or even dressing a wound for faster healing.

We learned awhile ago that the manuka bush, native to Australia and New Zealand, is a close relative of the powerfully antibacterial tea tree plant, so it follows that bees that feed on the flowers of the manuka bush would somehow translate the anti-bacterial properties of the plant into their honey. Researchers have indeed tested manuka honey on a variety of infectious bacteria, and have found astonishing results in its effectiveness at fighting infection. Just smear into a cut or burn–just like you would an antibiotic cream–and let the honey do its work.

Pharmaca now carries Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey, versatile enough to keep in your tea cupboard or in your first aid kit! You’ll also find it in some of Andalou Naturals’ fabulous hair products. And don’t miss out on all these other great ways to use honey…as a lip balm…dry elbow reliever..sore throat soother…energy booster. It really is a wonder food!

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  1. marcia miller says:

    How muchmore effective is Manuka over any unpasturized honey? Honey has been used topically for years for burns and cuts, as well as cosmetics. Wouldn’t one also miss the benefit of local honey use to lessen allegies.

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