Multivitamins from New Chapter: Maximizing Bioavailability

You may know that every New Chapter multivitamin features a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, herbs and spices, all carefully selected to provide benefits that are tailored to your health goals.

What you may not know is that they’ve also created a unique way to maximize the availability of the nutrients in their supplements. New Chapter multivitamins are cultured in a matrix of organic whole foods and live probiotics that activate nutrients so they are more easily digested and absorbed.

Through this process, basic nutrients, such as vitamin C, iron or copper become whole-food fermented vitamins and minerals that your body can recognize and absorb like food. Fermenting lets you get the most out of your multivitamin, and creates multis so gentle you can take them any time, even on an empty stomach.

New Chapter’s patented method starts with mixing organic yeast, natural plant carbohydrates and targeted nutrients with non-GMO soy and other whole foods (such as organic alfalfa, carrot, and orange peel) to create a nourishing super broth.

Clinically studied probiotics, fruit enzymes and low heat complete the fermentation. Throughout this process the yeast and probiotics work to pre-digest vitamins and minerals, so they’re ready for your body to recognize and absorb. These nutrients are then expertly formulated with herbal extracts to create complete New Chapter multivitamins for your specific life stage or health need.

Here’s more about the types of multis you’ll find from New Chapter, including specialized formulas for women and men, for adults and seniors, or for condition-specific support.

Condition-specific herbal support

Choose from multis that can help boost energy, reduce stress or provide prenatal support. Each blend features core nutrients, plus carefully chosen herbal blends that offer just what you need to get on the path to optimal wellness.

Multivitamins for women

Every Woman’s One Daily is a convenient way to get 24 whole food-complexed vitamins along with stress, immune and hormone support

Every Woman features even more of those great nutrients, along with cardiovascular and digestive support.

Every Woman’s One Daily 40+ features 23 whole vitamins and minerals, along with herbal support for the heart, digestion, hormones, breast health and vision.

Every Woman 40+ II also includes an immune supportive herbal blend.

Multivitamins for men

Every Man’s One Daily features 23 vitamins and minerals—plus support for stress, energy, immunity and cardiovascular health—in just one pill a day.

Every Man adds digestive and prostate health to those helpful nutrients.

Every Man’s One Daily 40+ includes the same vitamins, minerals and herbs, along with prostate and vision support.

Every Man 40+ II features even higher levels, along with immune support.