MyChelle: Pioneering Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in skin care, as they are effective at helping our own skin cells regenerate (learn more about plant stem cells). MyChelle Dermaceuticals was one of the first in the natural market to introduce plant stem cell innovation, and three advanced formulas from MyChelle contain some of the most potent plant stem cell bioactive ingredients.

Fabulous Eye Cream is an advanced eye cream now formulated with Edelweiss plant stem cells, which help reduce the visible signs of aging. The Edelweiss plant stem cells provide outstanding antioxidant activity and inhibit collagenase, thus limiting collagen degradation and loss of skin firmness. Also high in phytosterols, amino acids and polysaccharides, Fabulous Eye Cream is moisturizing and nutrient-rich, which helps rejuvenate and hydrate delicate eye tissue. Research shows that when applied twice daily for 20 days, Fabulous Eye Cream can reduce wrinkle depth by 15 percent.
Apple Brightening Serum is a powerful serum with PhytoCellTec Apple fruit stem cells, Melanosatine 5, Algowhite and Applephenon, to effectively diminish hyperpigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure and age. PhytoCellTecTM has been shown to stimulate and protect human stem cells while reducing the depth of wrinkles through the promotion of skin regeneration. This plant stem cell is a key ingredient that can delay the biological aging mechanism.
Capillary Calming Serum is a bioactive serum that soothes and relieves skin discomfort with the power of cutting-edge Gotu Kola Plant Stem Cells. This particular stem cell culture efficiently inhibits hyaluronidase production by up to 90 percent. Skin maintains healthy levels of hydration and elasticity while remaining firm and toned. Coupled with other incredible ingredients, this powerful formula also helps relieve redness, inflammation, and irritation.

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