Natural Cough and Cold Remedies

The holidays are upon us…and so is cold and flu season! Weather fluctuations, holiday and work stress, and family obligations can leave us especially vulnerable to germs and and feeling run down. Check out these popular natural cough and cold products that can help naturally alleviate symptoms so you can be in top shape for everything that comes your way this season.

Quick Defense: Immune-promoting flavonoids and antioxidants for fast relief

Gaia Herbs Quick Defense combines andrographis, black elderberry, echinacea angustifolia, echinacea purpurea and ginger extracts in this GMO-free and 100% vegan cold and flu remedy. Treat fevers, a runny nose and a sore throat with this immune-supportive herbal formula to start feeling better fast.

ColdDx: Helps maintain healthy immune and inflammatory responses

If you’re feeling run down because of a compromised immune system, Plantiva ColdDx helps provide comfort and relief naturally, allowing your body to re-establish normal, healthy energy. Its unique blend of herbs also provides respiratory support and detoxifies to help bolster the immune system.

Coldcalm: Addresses symptoms at every stage of a cold

Boiron Coldcalm’s natural, non-drowsy formula comes in quick-dissolving tablets that do not interfere with other medications. It temporarily relieves sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat symptoms. Ideal for those ages three and up.

Umcka Cold + Flu: Tackles the full range of symptoms

Cold and flu symptoms can often mimic each other; that’s why Nature’s Way Umcka Elderberry Cold + Flu has combined two clinically effective medicines (Umcka P. sidoides and the Alpha CF blend) in a base of black elderberry extract to effectively relieve aches, sore throat, congestion, fever and a runny nose. This delicious syrup contains no dyes or artificial flavors or colors.

Cold Snap: 20 herbs to restore your righteous chi

Cold Snap is a powerful alternative to over-the-counter cold remedies. This natural cold and flu formula uses a blend of 20 traditional Chinese herbs that work to activate, nourish and strengthen a healthy immune response at the onset of cold and flu symptoms.