Natural Cough & Cold Remedies for Kids

Our little ones are especially prone to picking up germs—from day care, school, the playground—all these places are prime breeding grounds for bugs and viruses that can make our kids sniffle, cough and develop fever. While there’s no surefire cure for the coughs and colds that kids and toddlers pick up, we can certainly ease their symptoms naturally. Check out some of the industry’s top natural cough and cold remedies for kids and toddlers.

Honey & lemon for kid-friendly taste

When your little tike starts wheezing and coughing up phlegm, it can be tough to get them to take medicine, especially if it doesn’t suit their finicky taste buds. Gaia Herbs Kids Bronchial Wellness provides respiratory support with a high-concentration formula that tastes great thanks to organic honey and flavorful essential oils.

Sugar free and dye free

When your little one’s chest is congested, you want something to relieve the pressure safely and effectively. Hyland’s 4 Kids Cough ‘n Mucus loosens mucus and allows it to drain naturally—so kids can get back to being a kid!

Coats the throat and soothes swollen glands

A persistent cough can cause swollen glands and sore throats, which makes for an unhappy kid. WishGarden Herbs’ Kick-It Cough medicine gently and effectively calms their cough while coating their throat with a soothing formula made from wild cherry bark and red root herbs.

Multi-symptom cold relief

When your child has every cold symptom in the books—runny nose, sneezing, congestion, cough, sore throat—you want a medication that will treat all of them so your little one’s system has to process as little as possible. Boiron Children’s ColdCalm Bonus Pack is a complete multi-symptom cold reliever that will help kids feel better, quicker.

Stops the sniffles

No one likes to hear their child sniffling! When do get a runny rose, turn to Gaia Herbs Kids Sniffle Support, an alcohol-free formula made with eyebright and black elderberry, fenugreek and anise—which work together to help clear their sinuses and dry their watery eyes and runny nose naturally.

Honey-free baby formula safe for babies

It’s heartbreaking to see your toddler struggle with the icky feelings that come along with a cold. Safely and effectively ease their symptoms with Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Cough Syrup + Mucus, an alcohol and dye-free formula that doesn’t use honey for its coating properties, so it’s safe for the youngest of cold victims.