Natural Factors: Quality You Can Trust

For more than 55 years, Natural Factors has been a key player in the history of the natural supplements industry. And at their core is a mission to provide the most effective supplements, created sustainably, and to enrich the lives of their customers, their employees and the land they harvest.

Here’s more about their farm-to-supplement process.

They oversee everything from seed selection to hand harvesting their crops

Many of the ingredients that go into Natural Factors supplements come directly from Factors Farm, a special tract of land that covers more than 1,000 certified organic acres in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. The farm’s unique soil has been built up over millennia from repeated flooding that deposited a tremendous amount of organic matter onto the land (the top soil is more than six feet deep in some places). They also ensure that the seeds planted there are non-hybrid and non-GMO, and have full control over the harvest so that every plant is plucked at its peak. For the plants they can’t grow on their farms, Natural Factors partners with the suppliers who share their standards for quality.

They manufacture as much in house as possible.

With more than 900,00 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, Natural Factors brings as many processes in-house as possible. They’re one of the only nutritional companies to have their own organic farms, extraction, encapsulation and production facilities. They are also one of the few branded manufacturers of nutraceuticals in North American to have their own softgel encapsulation facility.

They rely on a vast network of expertise to formulate their products

Natural Factors’ many different supplement collections are often the result of a partnership with an expert in the industry—from medical doctors that focus on functional nutrition to naturopathic doctors who specialize in women’s health or adrenal health. Drawn from around the world and chosen for their unique training and background, their team of doctors, scientists and quality control specialists are recognized experts in their fields.

They test, test, then test again

After the source ingredients are tested for purity and potency, they’re incorporated into Natural Factors’ formulations and tested again for quality. Once they’ve passed their own in-house tests, they are submitted to Isura, a third-party organization that uses advanced technology, including mass spectrometry, to ensure that the finished product is completely non-GMO and tested for more than 600 potential contaminants.

They’re focused on sustainability & giving back

Natural Factors is a long-term corporate sponsor of Vitamin Angels, a charitable organization that provides life-saving nutrition to pregnant women and young children in impoverished areas. They also donate $2 from the purchase of every bottle of the Whole Earth & Sea line to the Plant a Seed Foundation, which helps create a healthier generation through experiences that connect us to the land. And they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint in all areas; their latest production facility in Monroe, Wash., is LEED Gold Certified.

“Natural Factors has been one of my favorite vitamin and herbal supplement brands for more than 20 years,” says Don Summerfield, Pharmaca’s vice president of integrative medicine. “They have been an industry leader in organic farming, sourcing and development of raw materials, research and development, quality control and quality assurance. And I often rely on the Natural Factors line of products for my own health care needs.”