Puppies licking one anotherWant to give Fido the best care you can? Whether your dog is in tip-top shape or could use a little joint support, Pharmaca now offers a variety of pet supplements that are a safe, effective way to promote their overall health. Here are a few dog-friendly supplements to consider, no matter what stage your pooch is in.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that can affect any joint in the body, including shoulders, hips, elbows, knees and back. Proper diet, exercise and preventive measures can help reduce the risk of arthritis.

Recommended supplements

Natural Pet’s Muscle, Joint & Arthritis Reliever, a homeopathic formula, provides safe and effective relief from joint and muscle pain, inflammation, stiffness and arthritis.

Green Dog Naturals’ Healthy Motion Chews are formulated with glucosamine, omegas and a joint-soothing botanical blend.

Renew Life’s Healthy Hip & Joint supports joint health with glucosamine, MSM, a potent herbal blend and chicken hydrolysate.

A dull or fragile coat can be an indication of poor diet or a physical or emotional unbalance. Hot spots, allergies and itching/skin irritation are signs of unbalance in your pet.

Recommended supplements

True-Dose’s Skin and Coat features essential nutrients that support healthy skin and a lustrous coat, help manage shedding and excessive scratching, and help control itchy hot spots, dermatitis and skin allergies.

Renew Life’s Healthy Skin & Coat includes a blend of flower essences and soothing herbs like borage, chamomile and burdock to promote vibrant skin and coat.

Vomiting and diarrhea can occur after eating objects that irritate the lining of the digestive tract—such as sticks, leaves, bones, trash and greasy foods. Other causes include parasites and viral infections. Note: If you detect blood in your pet’s vomit or diarrhea, call the vet immediately!

Recommended supplements

Renew Life’s Digestive Support Sensitive Stomach contains fiber, digestive enzymes and probiotics to promote healthy digestion.

Renew Life’s Gentle Daily Detox includes a flower essence blend and cleansing herbs to promote high spirits, energy and the natural detoxification processes. Great for dogs who have a tendency to eat foreign materials.

Recommended supplements for general health

True-Dose’s Wellness formula provides key nutrients and antioxidants to keep their immune system functioning optimally and aging well.

Green Dog Naturals’ Whole Dog Daily Chews  support the nutritional value of your dog’s diet and maximize whole health every day, all in a tasty, chicken-flavored tablet!