Natural Ways to Help Aging Hair

We spend so much time and energy on anti-aging products for our skin. But have you ever thought about the way your hair changes as you age? By middle age, the shiny, thick and bouncy locks of our youth have faded. Hair becomes thinner, brittle, lackluster and little by little those pesky gray hairs appear. Luckily for us, several natural beauty brands are attacking the issue of aging hair head on with innovative natural solutions.

Problem: Hair becomes thinner.

As we age, individual hair strands lose thickness and new hair growth slows down because hair follicles shrink and eventually some even disappear. Hormones play a role too—fluctuating levels slow hair growth, especially during menopause.

The fix: Researchers tell us that apple stem cells can help promote hair growth. Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Age Defying Scalp Intensive is formulated with argan, grape and apple stem cells, plus botanicals that keep our scalp healthy like yarrow and licorice. Massage a few drops onto your scalp at bedtime and after shampooing for stronger, thicker hair. Another one to try: Peter Lamas Hair Solutions Energizing Scalp Serum, formulated with Chinese herbs, apple stem cells, baicapil and swertia extract, which work together to stimulate the scalp and inhibit DHT (a hormone that shrinks hair follicles) and thicken hair with botanical proteins.

Problem: Hair becomes dry and brittle.

Hair loses its luster, becomes dull and breaks more easily as we age because it’s made of amino acids and fatty acids that diminish over time, says Boris Oak, Founder of EVOLVh hair care. Boris and his team are experts in developing natural solutions that work at the molecular level. Hair can be repaired by infusing it with specially formulated short-chain amino and fatty acids that are small enough to penetrate the hair cuticle (and not just coat the hair shaft), Boris tells us.

The fix: EVOLVh Healthy Hair Trio, featuring their Ultra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. The pair rebalances the scalp and infuses nutrients are readily absorbed into hair strands. Because these products treat the hair at the molecular level, they work on all hair types, restoring natural moisture, bounce and shine without leaving product build-up on hair or scalp.

After cleansing and conditioning, spritz the water-based SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner on damp hair; red raspberry seed extract protects it from environmental damage, while unique fatty acids and raw lecithin minimizes breakage to keep hair supple and frizz free.

For dry or damaged hair that needs a more intensive treatment, try EVOLVh UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque, featuring restorative silk amino acids, 20 strengthening herbs, and hydrating botanicals like wild pansy and sweet clover.

Problem: Hair color changes.

About half of us will have significant gray hair by the age of 50. It turns out that hair cells produce tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide, and as we age this hydrogen peroxide increases substantially, so we are essentially “bleaching” the original color out of new hair strands, resulting in gray or white hair. For those of us who haven’t embraced the look of our gray hair, permanent dye coats the strand with color—but over time hues can fade and hair can look dull.

The fix: Colored hair needs protection from UV rays to prevent fading, and rich moisture to restore vitality. Choose a specially formulated shampoo like Mineral Fusion Last Color Shampoo, which uses protective minerals to increase the longevity of color-treated hair, along with with argan oil and mongongo seed to hydrate and prevent fading. To lock in color pre- and post-shampoo, spray on Intelligent Nutrients PureServe Color Shield, made with botanicals like black cumin and red raspberry (offering protection equal to titanium dioxide), cranberry seed oils that create protective barriers to block UV rays and environmental damage, and quinoa to strengthen and condition hair.