Collagen production is important for a whole bunch of reasons, including ensuring the health and vitality of your skin, cartilage, bones, hair, nails and joints. While there are ways to minimize collagen loss, our bodies will inevitably start to produce less collagen as we age which leads to common signs of aging.

Neocell has been creating supplements that help support healthy collagen formation for more than 2-decades. They have used their knowledge to make an assortment of collagen supplements that pack these powerful building blocks into highly bioavailable forms that are easily absorbed in the body.  

NeoCell Super Collagen is often regarded as one of the best collagen supplements because it’s formulated to support an increase in skin hydration and firmness to help address some of the most common signs of aging. This supplement is available in two easy to take forms, a tablet that can be taken daily with a meal or a powder that can be mixed into your favorite beverage to create a collagen drink that’s powered by a scoop of super collagen powder. 

But don’t take our word for the great things NeoCell Super Collagen Powder and Tablets can do. Here are some NeoCell Super Collagen Reviews from real Pharmaca customers that back-up the hype and prove that improved skin and hair appearance and more radiant beauty is possible with the help of NeoCell products!

Love it

“I love this product. The price is great and the tablets are easy to swallow. My nails are strong and growing like crazy.”

Review by Teresa (12/7/17)

Helps immune system

I’m a person who gets sick all the time. Taking collagen at least for 30 days straight help me to feel good, energetic, no muscle or bone pain, headaches disappear, I’m able to sleep more than my 5 regular hrs daily, now 6 hrs but at least my body rest 1 more daily☺ I recommend collagen !!!

Review by Lourdes (3/4/18)


Excellent results

I am 67 and noticed I was losing a lot of hair in the shower so I decided to look for something that might feed my body the ingredients it needed to stop the loss. After 3 weeks using this the loss is minimal but best of all, I have a lot of new hair growth of black hairs in area where my hair was thinning. Especially noticeable in my now, non-receding hairline on my grey and white head!

Review by john (12/25/15)


Great for hair, nails, skin

I am 36 yo and read about the need to supplement collagen as we age. I have used this for 3 months and notice great results with my nails, they grow faster and stronger. My hair is growing and my skin looks better. I mix it with OJ every other morning and it’s easy to drink and go. Try it!

Review by Toni Johnson (3/28/14)

Helps my arthritis

Helps ease the arthritis in my neck. I prefer the powder over capsules, I just add it to my morning tea everyday.

Review by Kris (1/13/18)

Product works

I feel this product is very helpful for my hair and nails. I take it with Orange Juice since I don’t really care for the taste.

Review by Di Di (6/12/17)

Best collagen powder

I’ve tried 5 different collagen powders and this one seems to work the best. My nails and hair are stronger when I take it consistently. I mix it with my tea or coffee in the mornings.

Review by AP (4/6/18)

Still not sure which NeoCell Super Collagen type is right for your needs? Check out all the collagen supplement formulations from NeoCell, online at Pharmaca, today!