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  • Buyer’s Guide: Inflammation Fighters

    Inflammation is at the root of nearly every health condition—eczema, obesity, asthma, arthritis, depression, allergies, bladder infections, acne, hangovers and beyond—all share the common thread of inflammation. Current medical research focuses on chronic inflammation’s effects on health and potential preventive medical measures. While modern medicine has traditionally focused on treating […]

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  • 5 Beauty Breakthroughs for Summer

    Summer beauty means keeping our skin extra safe, staying fresh and playing it cool with fun summer makeup. Here are the newest and best ways to kick off your summer season. Quick, at-home glow-getters There’s no time for lengthy facial treatments when outdoor fun beckons. Speed up your skin care […]

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  • May Natural News Roundup

    Part of our mission at Pharmaca is to stay on top of current research on nutrition, lifestyle and dietary supplements that can help our customers on the road to optimal health. Below is a roundup of the latest research we’ve collected that might be relevant to you and your daily […]

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  • Step-by-Step Yoga Pose: Triangle

    Are you stretching enough to keep pace with your busy summer lifestyle? Chances are your activity level has increased along with the hours of daylight. Get limbered up fast with this all-in-one super stretch. Triangle Pose Alias: trikonasana (“tri” = three, “kona” =angle, “asana” = pose) Why Triangle Pose? Practicing […]

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  • Buyer’s Guide: Collagen & Bone Broth

    Supplemental collagen from bone broth and other sources is a hot topic right now among health experts, probably because collagen is the most abundant protein in our body—and a critical component of our skin, hair, bones, nails, tendons, cartilage and joints. Really…it’s the glue that holds our body together, making […]

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  • Step-by-Step Yoga Pose: Dolphin

    Want to build strength and tone tank top-ready shoulders? Challenge yourself with dolphin pose. You’ll get a nice hamstring stretch, too. Dolphin Pose Alias: ardha pincha mayurasana (“ardha” = half, “pincha” = feathers, “mayura” = peacock, “asana” = pose) Why Dolphin Pose? By practicing dolphin pose, you’ll strengthen your shoulder […]

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  • Recipe: Berry Lavender Lemonade

    This refreshing beverage packs a one-two punch: the antioxidant benefits of berries come together with the calming, stress-relieving properties of lavender—making it perfect for spring. Lavender already has popular uses in aromatherapy and our skin and body care. But culinary lavender is gaining popularity in the gourmet food world, from […]