Practitioner Spotlight: What’s in a Nutritionist’s Medicine Cabinet?

group shotOur health and beauty practitioners are pros at recommending natural skin care remedies for customers. But what are the essentials they always keep on hand? We asked Acacia Wright, registered dietitian and nutritionist at our Seattle-Queen Anne store, about the Pharmaca products she can’t live without.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3
“My favorite fish oil, hands down! This is a quality product with higher levels of EPA and DHA omega-3s than most kinds you would find on the shelf.”

Thorne Research Basic Prenatal
“This is an excellent multi—don’t let the ‘prenatal’ label mislead you into thinking it’s for only pregnant/lactating women. I take it as my daily multi, as a complement to a healthy diet, and have been very impressed. So many mainstream products are laden with junk and filler ingredients—not this one. It includes only the most bioavailable nutrients!”

Herb Pharm Lemon Balm Blend
“Open my purse and you’ll see this lovely little tincture bottle sitting beside my wallet. It’s a gentle acting herb known for its calming properties and it works wonders at easing anxiety.”

Sport Oxylent
“This is my new favorite sports supplement. It’s designed to support energy, stamina and recovery for anyone with an active lifestyle. The best part… It actually tastes great! I carry around travel size packs and simply add the powder to my water bottle before my workout.”

jane iredale PurePressed Base
This is my absolute favorite beauty buy! I love how it makes me feel like I have absolutely no makeup on, and looks really natural.”

Wishgarden Herbs Kick-Ass Immune
“I swear by this product! Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I take this as directed and it has proven incredibly effective. I consider this a must-have and I keep one at home and one at work.”