Q&A with Trilipiderm Founder Frank Fanning

Trilipiderm has mastered the art of creating luscious moisturizers that hydrate even the driest skin—and paired them with skin essentials like vitamin D.

To learn more about the origins of Trilipiderm, we spoke with Founder Frank Fanning. After a stint in the military and a career in supplying unique ingredients to personal care companies around the world, Frank moved to Jackson Hole, Wyo. The dry, windy climate there inspired him to take his ingredient knowledge and apply it to products that would alleviate and prevent dry skin—while enjoying all the wonderful recreation and scenic adventures afforded by the mountains, forests and waterways of the Jackson Hole area!

How did you begin formulating your products? What is the current formulation process like?

When I moved to Jackson Hole I realized that there was not an effective consumer products line that addressed dry skin. With my extensive background in creating unique ingredients for the personal care industry, I knew what would work and what wouldn’t. So with the help of my technical staff, we connected and formulated the Trilipiderm line of skin care products.

Our focus is combating dry skin, and since we understand the structure of human skin cells, we only use ingredients that are similar in molecular structure as to what Mother Nature created in the human skin cell. Thus, no mineral oil, silicones, petrolatum, etc. This is our scientific mantra.

To identify new potential products, we query our reps, our retailers and our customers as to what they recommend or need for their skin. We do some competitive research, then settle on the parameters of the new product and begin our formulating. We make up many prototype samples to submit to our internal focus group; once we’re satisfied internally, we then give best candidates to our independent advisory council and solicit experiential data. If the data and scores are strongly positive, then we will decide on the final formula and begin the work of packaging design and other marketing initiatives to prepare for a launch.

How has your location in Jackson Hole informed the development of your product line?

Jackson Hole is 6,800 feet above sea level, so the air is extremely dry. The sun can be intense. So it’s a perfect testing ground for products designed to combat dry skin.

What are the key natural ingredients you rely on in your formulations?

We mimic skin cell structure, so we use ingredients that are similar to what Mother Nature created in the human skin cell. These include natural substances known as hyaluronic acid, and meadowfoam seed oil and its derivatives.

What’s your favorite Trilipiderm product?

Very easy for me to say: ALL of them. However, I consider the Rehydration Night Crème to be one of the most outstanding products.

What made you decide to partner with Pharmaca?

When Trilipiderm was launched, we were truly a small emerging skin care brand. Pharmaca recognized the efficacious and retail value of our brand and to us, Pharmaca represented the type of retailer that aligned with our vision and values.

Thus Pharmaca became our first major key retailer. This relationship has continued to grow in the spirit of mutual cooperation and honesty. We highly value this relationship and look forward to many more years of involvement together.