Quarantine Self Care: How to Pamper Yourself in Isolation

Life has changed drastically for Americans in the past few weeks. The CDC advises that everyone stay at home as much as possible in an effort to reduce the potential for spreading COVID-19 and to avoid overwhelming the medical system. The CDC also advises keeping at least six feet from others, washing your hands often and wearing masks when outside the home.

This has, of course, affected many areas of American life—including routine beauty treatments! We can’t visit the salon to touch up our roots, manicures and pedicures are a distant memory, and professional waxing treatments are on hold.

During times of high stress and uncertainty, beauty routines and self care can seem frivolous—but they can be beneficial, too. Pampering yourself lifts your spirits and gives you a sense of normalcy during traumatic events. Check out a few ways to give yourself a mental and physical pick-me-up while you’re in quarantine.

Hair color

Ladies everywhere are finding their roots—literally. Greys are going untouched, and blondes are experiencing existential crises on a daily basis. That’s where natural, gentle hair color from Tints of Nature or Naturtint come in! The brands are vegan, cruelty-free and don’t contain many of the harsh chemicals that most boxed dyes contain. So go ahead and try a new hue (or just cover up the hues you don’t want)!

New to home coloring? Check out these helpful how-to videos from Tints of Nature on their Permanent Colour and Henna Cream products.

Nail care

A lot of us are missing our mani/pedi dates (no one more than the people who make their living taking care of us. Consider sending your hairstylist or nail artist a tip during this time to help them while they’re missing out on income!). Give yourself a home manicure with natural nail care products, including emery boards, cuticle oil, nail clippers and vegan, cruelty and formaldehyde-free nail polish in a ton of stunning shades from Mineral Fusion.


Aside from evening skin tone and highlighting our best features, makeup is an artistic form of self expression, and anything that utilizes our creative brain during this time is highly beneficial. So now’s the time to get experimental (why not?)—try a bold new lip color by ZuZu Luxe, a gluten-free, long-lasting lipstick—or try a mineral-based, vegan and cruelty-free eye shadow from jane iredale.


Get a fresh start by taking off the layers of dry skin and build-up with a facial peel made with natural ingredients. Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel uses organic, gluten-free ingredients and leaves skin glowing and radiant. Sanitas’ Retinol Peeling Cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens skin that might seem dull after consecutive days indoors.

Foot care

It’s safe to say that many of us are finding ourselves barefoot more often than not these days. Now that your feet are getting so much face time, show them some love. Exfoliate with Baby Foot’s gentle, moisturizing formula that helps removes dead skin over several weeks (meaning you’ll be totally sandal ready when it comes time to see people again). Or try brushing and scrubbing away rough skin with an ecotools’ cruelty-free Bamboo Foot Brush & Pumice.


Long baths are a luxury that few of us make time for, but now that we all have more time on our hands, why not have a good soak? Relax in a tub full of bubbles or steep your muscles in epsom salts and let stress swirl down the drain. Want to get really extravagant? Put on a ginseng anti-aging mask while you bathe, so you’ll come out of quarantine looking renewed and refreshed.


If you’re desperately missing your eyebrow esthetician (or you’ve found stray hairs in places you never thought you would), we got you: try these slanted gripper tweezers to nab any unwanted hairs easily and cleanly. Or you can even brave at-home waxing with Parissa’s hair-removal collection for both face and body.