RESTORE for Optimal Gut Health

We need a healthy gut for a lot of reasons–good digestion, strong immunity and even to help produce brain chemicals like serotonin and GABA (neurotransmitters that influence feelings of happiness and reduced anxiety).

To help boost our gut health, researchers turned to what’s naturally occurring in the earth and discovered a unique way to keep the gut functioning optimally with a soil-based solution. To learn more we checked in with experts at Ion*Biome (who developed Restore Complete Gut Well-Being, soon to be called Ion Gut*Health).

So how can a soil extract help our gut?

Scientists tell us that our soil, and subsequently our farmed products, are less healthy than in the past. The increasing use of agrochemicals, low plant biodiversity and rigorous soil management practices have had a negative effect on the biodiversity of our soil. So researchers at Ion*Biome have found a way to replenish our gut microbiome with what we no longer get naturally from the soil microbiome.

Sourcing ancient, healthy soil from the deserts of the southwestern US, Ion*Biome has been successful in extracting what our gut needs. Carbon molecules extracted from this soil are used to formulate Terrahydrite, the proprietary liquid in Restore. Terrahydrite and mineral amino acids boost the beneficial enzymes our gut needs to support the tight junctions (seals between cells) in our gut lining, just as healthy soil did before industrialized farming became prevalent. Tight junctions and a strong barrier keep our gut healthy and protect us from toxic substances while still allowing beneficial nutrients to enter.

How is this different from probiotics that also help foster a healthy gut?

Restore works on the assumption that it’s best to give our body the tools it needs to create balance on its own. It works to keep our gut membrane healthy and stimulates our body to increase the right balance of bacteria in our gut naturally. Instead of actively changing the balance of bacteria with high quantities of certain strains of bacteria typically found in probiotics, Restore’s carbon molecules support the native communication network that helps our own gut bacteria communicate better with our cells and gut lining, creating balance and health.

Who can benefit from Restore?

Since it increases our gut membrane’s integrity and makes the gut healthier, Restore is good for everyone. Once the gut is not wide open to particles and toxins coming into the blood stream, it reduces the overload on our immune system.

Those with food and gluten sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome may benefit especially. But everyone can benefit from tighter junctions in the gut due to a high prevalence of glyphosate in our food and water supplies. Glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in most non-selective weed killers, directly damages the tight junctions in our gut. And it’s sprayed on almost all wheat, soy, corn, sugar beets, fruits and veggies, beans and legumes in commercial farms that aren’t using organic practices.

What kind of results will I see?

About 80 percent of people notice improved digestion, better sense of wellbeing, more energy, reduced food sensitivities over time and less brain fog. Even if you don’t feel immediate results, be assured your gut is repairing. Research has shown that under a microscope, the gut membrane starts to repair in 16 minutes with Restore!