Reviews of Juice Beauty Products

Read ratings and reviews for Juice Beauty products. Juice Beauty is a California-based industry leader in organic skin care. 

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum

Highly recommend ; minimizes lines and wrinkles.
Very kind to sensitive skin. Is sticky when first applied, but once absorbed, this goes away. Does a good job of minimizing lines and wrinkles. Will definitely repurchase. Highly recommend for mature skin.

Review by Helen (1.18.2018)

A MUST to Use for Healthy Young Looking Skin!
Wow. What can I say. I’ve been using Juice Beauty’s Antioxidant Serum for over 10 years now. I’m 55 and I swear that it has made the biggest difference in my skin not only looking younger but to BE healthier thus in turn look younger. I put it on first thing in the morning and right after removing my makeup at night. I always put a moisturizer on after it. Yes, it’s a tacky feeling at first but that goes away. To me, that is minor. This product is a miracle!

Review by AngelaSmart (9.23.2017)

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser

Great cleanser!
Let me start off by saying this is the first review I have ever written. However, I rely so heavily on other people’s reviews I decided I should pay it forward. For the past year I have tried almost every natural skin care product offered by Pharmaca and Nordstrom and I continually experienced breakouts. My skin is combo and a bit sensitive. Since I started using this cleanser my skin has cleared up and I don’t experience that dry tight feeling after washing my face. The smell is a little funky, but the results outweigh that for sure. If you are on the fence give it a try. It is a great price for a very large quantity.

Review by CCSaba (12.17.2017)

Gentle clearing of skin
I am 44 and going through peri-menopause. I’ve always had acne prone skin. This cleanser is great at keeping the chin nastiness at bay and controlling hormonal flare ups. There will be some sensitivity and purging during the first few weeks. Once that’s over with…smooth skin.

Review by Jean Marie Dillon (12.12.2014)

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer

Good product without sillicon
Finally found a tinted moisturizer with good coverage without sillicon. The skin looks dewy and fresh. It doesn’t last very long so need top up at least once throughout the day.

Review by Jenny (1.2.2018)

Good facial sunscreen/foundation/moisturizer

I’ve been using this product for about 6 or 7 months now and I really like it. Even when I’m not going to be in the sun, it’s great as a light foundation that evens out my skin tone. It moisturizes enough for me. I use the sand and have a medium (Caucasian) complexion I’d say. It doesn’t leave any lines, and it does actually “color correct” (as one salesperson told me) after you put it on your skin, which I initially thought was a ridiculous claim. But it does just blend right in and look natural.

Review by ChiGirl (12.5.2017)

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser

Cleans and makes your skin soft
I’m going to give this five stars. It is a very nice cleansing cream that has little beads or crystals in it for exfoliation. My skin is remarkably soft after using it (more than with other cleansers). I don’t have any negatives.

Review by ChiGirl (12.5.2017)

Love it! – Great for Daily Use
I have been a Juice Beauty Fan for 4 years. I started using this cleanser about a year ago and I absolutely love it. It’s gentle, it has that clean fresh lite scent, just like all of the other juice beauty products. My skin feels nice and soft. It gives a healthy glow to my skin and it is ready to absorbs the rest of the Juice Beauty regimen I use. It works well for my mature, combination skin.

Review by Mackie (5.30.2013)

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

Longtime user, love it.
I love this stuff! Been using it for 4 year straight. I have normal to dry skin, I hydrate with cream first, then apply. If you have oily skin you could use on its own. Coverage is quite light for a natural look, I apply a little foundation over the top when needed. But this is perfect for everyday looks.

Review by Sunny (3.7.2018)

Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer

not very heavy sunscreen
Since I have oily/combination skin, I wanted something light with spf. This does the trick, even though there is a slight white film after you first apply the cream, which is what you get after putting on sunscreen.

Review by julielkyee (3.22.2017)

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Eye Treatment

Amazing Product
I’m in my 50’s and have been using this for about a year and notice a big difference. If I run out, I notice immediately that my eye wrinkles and puffiness are more pronounced. I keep an extra box at all times so I don’t run out! It’s pricey, but I’ve tried many products and this one is the most effective and safest I’ve found.

Review by Saundra Miller (6.8.2014)