Seasonal Allergy Relief

When spring is in the air, allergens are also sure to accompany it. “There are a lot of things that set off the immune system,” says Peter Borregard, a homeopathic practitioner at Pharmaca’s Berkeley store. Peter reassures those who suffer from seasonal and consistent allergies that there are a wide selection of products and approaches to handle the problem.

If you experience a reaction to a specific allergen, like pet dander or pollen, it is important to limit the exposure. Peter says he irrigates his sinus passages with a Neti pot after working in the yard.

For deeper problems, he suggests that customers take steps to improve the gut, where much of the immune response is localized. Peter recommends probiotics and detoxification treatments as helpful stabilization tools for seasonal allergies.

Some of Peter’s favorite products include natural remedies that incorporate homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, or herbal philosophies for healing. He usually directs customers to Boiron Sabadil, Bioallers, Alleraid Herbal, Gaia Herbs Aller-Leaf or stinging nettle leaf depending on individual symptoms and personal history.

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