Summer First Aid Kit Essentials, On Sale in April!

The air is getting warmer, the trails getting drier…for many of us, it’s time to start those outdoor activities. Just don’t forget to pack a first aid kit! A tumble off a mountain bike or a misstep can leave you miles from home with bruises and scrapes that could use some a little TLC.

Here’s a few ideas for a simple kit that’s easily packable in a backpack or overnight kit—all on sale in April*!

Bandages and gauze: Make sure you can safely wrap any cuts and scrapes immediately. All Terrain’s entire line is on sale for 20% or more.

Topical creams for different skin irritations: We love Boericke & Tafel’s Florasone, an alternative to cortisone cream that soothes itchy, irritated skin. And don’t forget Ssssting Stop, which takes the itch and pain out of bug bites. The entire line of Boericke & Tafel is 20% off this month!

Boiron Arnica pellets and Arnicare cream: Smooth Arnicare onto a hurt knee or twisted ankle to help lessen swelling and bruising; place a few homeopathic pellets under the tongue to speed healing from the inside. The bonus pack, which includes both, is 20% off this month.

Sun protection: Stock up and be ready for any kind of weather! Choose mineral blocks from Alba, Jason or Nature’s Gate, all on sale this month.

Pain relief: Easy-to-pack UrgentRx packets include single doses of aspirin, great to have on hand for painful situations (or even heart attacks!). Pick up single packets for just 99 cents in stores this month.

On-the-go energy: Stash some high-protein bars in your pack in case you need an extra kick of energy to make it up that last hill. Find bars from Probars Clif Bars and Kind Bars, all on sale in stores.

Stop into Pharmaca and speak with a practitioner for advice on other first aid kit necessities.

*Sale prices not valid in all stores; prices valid through April 24, 2012

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