Mask-Ready Eye Makeup

When facial masks are our most important accessory, all attention is on our eyes. We checked in with one of our estheticians for tips on how to make our eyes stand out while wearing our masks.

Our Top 7 Natural Eye Makeup Products

Natural makeup isn’t just better for your health; it's also better for the environment. To help you choose which natural makeup brands are trustworthy in terms of ingredients and quality, we compiled some of the best natural eye makeups loved by Pharmaca customers and beauty experts!

Our Five Best Under-Eye Concealers

We took a look at the top under-eye concealers Pharmaca customers love, the companies that make them and why at least one of these should be in your makeup bag. Whether you want to cover up dark circles or just fake a full night of rest, these under-eye concealers are here to help you look radiant.

Why You’ll Love Minerals in Your Makeup

If you’re looking for makeup that gives a natural, healthy look that’s also made with safe ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, say hello to mineral makeup! We checked in with Bianca Goodrich, beauty expert at Pharmaca in Beverly Hills, to see why she’s a big fan.