4 Vitamin C Serum Benefits for Your Skin

Vitamin C banishes wrinkles, makes dark spots disappear, and keeps skin looking and feeling healthy. While we get a lot of vitamin C through food or supplements, it is significantly more effective in treating skin problems and blemishes when applied topically. Find out why it should be in your beauty arsenal.

Pumpkin Skincare Products for Fall

Pumpkin is naturally packed with nourishing and renewing vitamins like A, C and E, plus antioxidants that help fight sun damage and wrinkles. Here are a few of our favorite pumpkin-infused products to help kick off a beautiful fall!

5 Hot New Skin Care Ingredients

Supergreens and prebiotics can we be a great way to heal the skin. And there are some new buzz-worthy botanicals that can do the same! Here’s what you need to know about the latest and greatest skin care solutions.

5 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Maybe you’ve got your skin care regimen down pat…or maybe you need a little help! We talked to Deena, esthetician at our Greenwood Village store, to learn how to optimize your skin care routine.