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  • Herbalist’s Spotlight: What supplements does our lead practitioner recommend for men?

    Every day at Pharmaca, our health care practitioners recommend natural remedies for customers from all walks of life. We asked experienced herbalist Matthew B. to share his favorite supplements for men.  Pure Encapsulations Phyto-ADR “I recommend this as a restorative tonic. The adoptogens in this vegetarian formulation provide comprehensive support […]

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  • Tea Up for Health

    Green, black, white, oolong or pu-erh, whatever your taste preference, these traditional teas from the Camellia sinesis plant deliver a potent brew of health benefits. Scientists have shown that tea can help our heart, reduce cancer risks and protect us against sun damage thanks to powerful compounds found in the […]

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  • More about Medium Chain Triglycerides: The Saturated Fat With Benefits!

    Contrary to popular thought, not all saturated fats can lead to heart disease and obesity. That’s because they’re not all created equal—Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), for example, are saturated fats with many health benefits, including support for metabolism, energy and beauty. What Are Medium Chain Triglycerides? Medium Chain Triglycerides are […]